September 15th, 2016

Why we develop with WordPress

why we develop using wordpress CMS content management system

WordPress is the best option for your business.

As the most-used Content Management System (CMS) in the world, WordPress has clearly proven themselves a popular choice. But does popular mean right for you? Not always. However, in this case, we believe that the wide appeal of WordPress carries several distinct advantages which make it better for your organization than other alternatives. Let us break down our reasoning…

Enterprise-level software is an expensive choice for an inferior product.

When you pay an exorbitant amount of money for an enterprise-level piece of software (for instance, IBM has one), you only leverage an isolated, internal team of developers who tend to work in a bubble. They’re not exposed to your needs and your real-world situations. And because they lock you into their license, they have no incentive to improve.

Meanwhile, as the most-used content management system on the internet, WordPress has a whole group of people devoted to keeping it updated and in working order. That’s an entire world of developers who work in the real world, every day.

So on the one hand, you have an isolated team of developers with no incentive to listen to you. And on the other hand you have a world of developers working in the trenches to make your CMS better. Which do you think benefits you most?

You can depend on WordPress to meet your needs.

WordPress is easy to set up and reliable in a variety of settings. It performs well in its base platform as a blog, but you can also extend, modify, and customize it through plug-ins and add-ons, both those from 3rd-party developers and your own custom-built ones. The WordPress is designed to be built-upon. Which means that if you use it the right way, it’s easier to transfer between developing teams.

If you have a problem, odds are we can find someone who has solved that problem already and can adapt that solution to fit your needs. And as the most popular CMS in the world, many hosting services and other industry vendors work to specialize with it.

You are not too big or too complicated to develop with WordPress.

Many users think they need expensive CMS software in order to manage the demands of their organization. So they turn to CMSs that have marketed themselves as specially-built for large businesses and come with a hefty price tag to match. The problem is, these CMSs bring nothing to the table that WordPress can’t already manage.

There tends to be a misconception which says WordPress can only handle small- to mid-level websites. But in real-world usage, WordPress has the robust capability to handle any size site. Just ask The Walt Disney Company, the WNBA, Vogue, or the New Yorker. They’re all on WordPress: why not join them?

Benefit from the passion of the WordPress community

We’re passionate about WordPress. And it’s not just us: WordPress boasts a dedicated and engaged community. So when you use WordPress, you leverage a planet’s-worth of developers devoted to making it better.

The WordPress community regularly organizes conferences around the world where users and developers can meet to share knowledge. We speak at these events in order to share our expertise and contribute to the overall community. Because we believe that’s what makes WordPress a better product, which makes it better for you and your business.

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