October 13th, 2016

WordCamp Ann Arbor begins tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

conference room full of adult attendees while speaker presents

What we’re looking forward to at #WCA2

We’ve already written about why WordPress is our CMS of choice. Part of our choice has to do with the WordPress community. And there’s no better way to experience that community than through a WordCamp. Our local event begins tomorrow, so here’s our rundown of what WordCamp is, and what we’re excited about.

What is WordCamp Ann Arbor all about?

WordCamps are casual conferences, held at various venues around the world, and hosted by the volunteers within the local community, with the blessing of WordPress. It’s a place where professionals share their expertise in topics ranging from web development, to marketing, to project management. This year, WordCamp Ann Arbor is also running lunch groups for those who want a chance to go in-depth with the speakers on some of the session topics. And because a lot of attendees come from out of town, volunteers are running a number of events in the area for Friday afternoon.

WordCamps are hubs of knowledge-sharing and inspiration.

As WordPress is an open-source platform, it makes sense that the WordPress community would be particularly generous in sharing information and experience. Nowhere is that more apparent than at a WordCamp. I attended my first while still relatively new to the industry. Everyone I talked to encouraged me in my work and made the conference as friendly and welcoming as possible. I attended talks well beyond my immediate area of expertise, and found something important and valuable at almost every one. It’s near impossible to leave without feeling inspired to take your business or your personal expertise to the next level.

In short, if you work online in any web-related business, WordCamp is a place to be. Whether you design, code, market, or manage websites, you will find something to learn. And you’ll stay abreast of industry expertise while you’re at it!

Come to hear the build/create team present!

This year, two members of our team here at build/create will present at WordCamp Ann Arbor. Alex Beaudin, our Project Manager and Anthropologist, will present on “A Behavior-oriented Approach to Design and Function.” So, if you’re curious how usability can affect design, this is one not to miss!

Build/create’s co-owner and head designer, Ian Wilson, will share advice on the early days of starting the business, and will also take place in a panel discussion on Selling and Managing WordPress Projects.

There will be lots of excellent talks besides, so be you don’t miss out!

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