August 26th, 2013

WordCamp Grand Rapids 2013 Recap


WordCamp GR was awesome.

The developers and designers in the WordPress community are just a plain ol’ awesome bunch of folks.  This year we heard some great talks on intentional design, WordPress hacks, SASS, and UX/Accessibility concerns.  Here are a few of the highlights…

hack all the users!

hack all the users!

@brennenbyrne gave a great talk on WordPress security concerns, past hacks, and how they were resolved.  It was really interesting to look at the specific types of attacks that hackers have used successfully in the past and how the code changed to safeguard against them.  Most of them were changes as simple as one line of code.  It just goes to show how nuanced security is, and how easy it is for little vulnerabilities to crop up in otherwise perfectly fine code.



getting sassy

@bradparbs had a really awesome introduction to SASS that we all took a lot away from.  His presentation was equal parts hilarious and informative, and after sitting on the fence we walked away from it eager to dive into SASS.


ux and accessbility concerns

I would be remiss if I failed to mention @3pointross’s great talk on UX and accessibility in WordPress. His talk was focused on the simplest things we can do within WP to make our users’ lives a little easier. He used some hilarious real world UX fails during the talk, including the shower at their b&b that required a tutorial to operate.


conclusion? we desperately need to get out to WordCamp San Francisco next year!

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