Creators of the GLYPH headset: Seeing is unbelievable.

build/create played a key role in building the foundation of Avegant’s branding and positioning. Their assets helped turn us into the multimillion dollar company that we are today. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Edward Tang – Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Project Story

When they were just getting started, the founders of Avegant came to us looking to brand their company and their first product, the Glyph – a mobile personal theater system. Tech start-ups, particularly hardware startups, have a long hard road to success. Avegant was just wrapping up their initial phase of securing investment capital and preparing to launch a KickStarter campaign, for which we all had high hopes.

The only thing missing was their brand.

Messaging, branding and demographic surveys oh my!

We took them through a branding process that helped them set down a clear picture of their target audience and the message that they wanted to get across to them. Our eventual profile was based on the distillation of findings from consumer surveys, interviews, and our own creative insights. This culminated in the development of several logo concepts building on the primary messaging that we’d already established, and eventually a complete logo and brand guide of the final concept.


How did the project turn out? To riff on Avegant’s own messaging, seeing is believing. And their KickStarter campaign? It went on to set a record for the fastest campaign in KickStarter’s history to reach a quarter of a million dollars in just four hours. Obviously we can’t take credit for all of that, but we were proud to be a part of it.

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