Bassett & Bassett

Meanings are in people.

Clean, sophisticated, professional.

Design tells a story

Bassett & Bassett is a communications and PR firm serving clients around the globe with sophistication and tact.  Just as their work lies in the details, the nuances of language and psychology, their site is equally subtle yet tangibly communicative of their core values and mission.  The sparse aesthetic underscores their understated approach— telling their story with economy and visual thrift.

An elegant mobile experience

The design speaks mobile quite fluently- its crisp white spaces and sparse aesthetic transition gracefully between platforms without missing a beat. It truly shines in that it is completely transparent; subtle transitions impart depth to the experience while remaining focused on the message.


Embracing simplicity can be difficult to pull off while remaining engaging and interesting, but success in doing so is rewarding for everyone involved.  Bassett & Bassett now have an online figurehead that more naturally conveys their core values and message and does so by embracing subtlety and nuance, beautifully.

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