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IT Solutions with ambition to spare.

As a company who had grown almost exclusively through word of mouth and direct referrals, we weren’t entirely sure how to digitally engage with businesses and professionals all over the country.

The team at build/create worked with us to bring our core values and strategies to the forefront, and translate them into a digital marketing strategy that exposes us to new opportunities and markets.

The insight we’ve gained from website and email interactions allows us to better understand both our inbound leads and their subsequent needs. Our online presence now delivers much more value, is being found by an increasingly wider audience, and has proven to be much more engaging with our potential customers.

Ryan Bonner, VP of Sales

Now their website matches their quality of service

Brightline Technologies is a truly great IT firm- they cater to businesses of just about any size, and work with them to scale their IT implementation alongside their business.  On top of that, they stay on top of their industry like no other, to the point of providing expert advice regarding regulatory and security legislation.

The passion of both our team and theirs shines through in the end product- a website for an IT company that looks like you’d actually WANT to work with them!

100% Awesome, 100% WordPress

Utilizing our tailor made content management interface powered by WordPress, we were able to provide a unique layout to any number of pages, while still maintaining visual consistency.  The perfect union of form and function.

But wait, that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

A mobile friendly IT company website?!  Inconceivable!

Mobile friendly doesn’t really describe what we do, maybe “mobile obsessed” would be better?  As with all of our sites, this one looks stunning on mobile and continues the trend of being an IT company that is not scary, and actually has a bright, happy website that makes you stop and take notice!

Content Marketing

When we saw that Brightline didn’t handle very much interaction with their audience through their website, we knew we had an area in which we could truly shine, and elevate their sales game to another level.

Working with Brightline’s team we created fresh, engaging content in both blog and downloadable form, tailored to their audience.  And not just tailored to their audience, but tailored to the most desirable segment of their audience.

Looking for more details?  Download the case study!

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Marketing Automation

A steadfast companion to our content marketing services- marketing automation is essential to nurturing leads through the sale pipeline.  Levering our partners at SharpSpring, we have every interaction on Brightline’s website tracked, reported, and automatically followed up on depending on the appropriate workflow.

How much of a game changer was it?  Stay tuned for the marketing case study…

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