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We built the tool that powers their business.

I would call the overall impact a transformational one for our business. The adoption of the EditionBuilder system they built has allowed us to reach new customers, cement our relationships with existing clients and ramp up our own productivity in order to continue to deliver remarkable value.

Jim Hartnett – President, Academic Marketing Services

This is brief snippet of a testimonial letter Jim sent us, read the rest here!

Career Focus is a content marketing service from Academic Marketing Services that provides a print publication as well as an online edition targeted to an educational institution’s audience with a focus generating interest in particular areas of study as well as the institution as a whole.  

The transition from the print edition to the online edition was a major speed bump in their development cycle, so they enlisted us to create an entirely new tool that would take that process and completely streamline it so anyone could build an online edition by uploading images, picking a color scheme, and selecting content from a central content library that AMS maintains.

Did we succeed?  Read what the President of Academic Marketing Services has to say about our work.

Custom website builder

Career Focus is a print magazine with an accompanying online edition, so the end product of our tool had to be a fully responsive website with photos, colors, and a content loadout unique to each one.  We used tooltips to show the user what their choices will change, and short simple forms to keep them focused.  Every aspect of the builder was built with the end user in mind.

Intuitive step-by-step UX design

How do you take something as complex as building out a website full of content and make it accessible to anyone?  The same way you design any complex interface: break it down!  By simplifying the process into a set of discrete steps, and making sure the actions in each step are intuitive we were able to create a user-friendly process that their staff actually enjoys using!

Intuitive UX + Simple Content Editing = Beauty

The end product for the user is a custom Career Focus Online Edition, built, curated, and launched with minimum friction for AMS’ staff.  Jim, the President, called our work “transformational” for the business, saving them time and resources.  Not only that, their staff and customers love using it, and we couldn’t be more proud.

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