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This is truly the most collaborative partnership I have encountered. Equal parts intuitive, tactical, forward thinking, curious, strategic, humble, and out of the box, the firm delivered on what it promised.

Kay Min – Owner

Project Story

When Kay purchased her business, it was a Gyrotonic Studio. That was a fine place to start, but she really wanted to grow the business into a broader-based boutique fitness studio offering everything from Gyrotonic to Pilates to Yoga and beyond. When we met to scout her location for a photo-shoot, she lamented that her space wasn’t big enough to offer Yoga classes (all those matts take a lot of floor-space), but she had plans. To make that pivot, she would need to rebrand her company from scratch – name, logo, print materials, website, everything.

Building a brand from the ground up.

We helped Kay through the entire process, starting with her vision for the studio, and renaming and rebranding to suit. By changing the focus of her marketing materials and messaging (and the business’ name) from Gyrotonic to fitness, we paved the way for the introduction of the full suite of fitness services that CNS Kinetics offers today.  Built from the start to be flexible and easy to manage, her website easily keeps pace with her evolving business as new classes, events, and staff are regularly added.


The result? Two years after the rebrand Kay called to let us know that we’d need to schedule another photoshoot after she finished expanding and renovating her studio space. Within a few months we were once again called upon to design banners announcing the addition of Yoga Classes to the studio’s offerings, as well as a new series of brochures to advertise their sports-related sessions.  So yeah, you could say it was a success.

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