The CHIME Opioid Task Force website was under-performing along several critical fronts, and they needed help to solve their navigation architecture. We brought our usability expertise to bear on this problem to create a dynamic website that better served their needs.

What we did
  • Custom Development

  • UI/UX Design

Navigation for deep content.

Right from the start, we knew that the sheer volume of content on CHIME’s site would be a major challenge. Their site held over three hundred pages of posts, articles, and resources, but an overly-complex and outdated navigation system made it hard for users to find and access resources.

We restructured their navigation to make it both simpler and more user-friendly. With fewer side menus to navigate, visitors could find the information they needed quickly and reliably.

A playbook in the making.

The Taskforce also wanted to set up an editable Opioid Task Force Playbook. While the playbook was still in the making, we built a usable and editable book for the team to update while staying on top of cutting-edge technologies to help fight the opioid crisis.

User-first development.

The Opioid Task Force needed to be usable by a wide variety of medical professionals and communities. This meant it needed to be easy to navigate and even easier to interact with. We created the optimal experience for CHIME’s needs.

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