DTE Midstream

Partnering to build the next chapter of their communication strategy.

build/create studios was able to step in on short notice to deliver a functional prototype of the site we’d envisioned. Having a live development site to work on was instrumental to the success of our project and enabled a quick turn-around time on action items that resulted in shortening the lifecycle of the project dramatically.

Throughout the project they were quick to respond to changes, small and large, in some cases as fast as the time it took to publish the action items from our discussions. They got things done as opposed to talking and writing about what we need to get done!

Knut Simonsen, VP Strategy and Corporate Development

Reinventing the wheel

After a successful project with DTE Power & Industrial Group, it wasn’t long before DTE Midstream, which manages the natural gas pipelines and storage, sought us out to reboot their web presence and online communications.

Starting from the visual framework established previously, we worked closely with DTE Midstream’s team to tailor it to their business and content so that it would be the communication tool that they need.

Pipeline details are a click away

DTE Midstream needed a place to disseminate information about their pipelines and projects,  and we adapted the project functionality from DTE Power & Industrial to fill that need.  Now they have mission critical content that is easily manageable in-house to support their communications and PR efforts.

Mobile Friendly

As with all of our implementations, the site is friendly to screens of all shapes and sizes, ensuring the site looks great, from the field, to the boardroom.

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