Establishing a Web Presence for a Michigan Economic Powerhouse.

DTE is a household name across Michigan, but customers are familiar with the energy branch of their business…

DTE Midstream has quietly been growing the supply side of the business for years, but it’s only recently that they’ve made a push to create a more visible presence online. When they did, they turned to us.

Quick execution on a first-stage website.

DTE Midstream had a simple objective with the first round of their website project: they wanted an online presence that they could use to differentiate themselves from the consumer side of the business that could also serve as a stepping stone toward a more complete website in the future. We worked with them on the site concept and were able to deliver a working design on short notice.

build/create studios was able to step in on short notice to deliver a functional prototype of the site we’d envisioned. They got things done as opposed to talking and writing about what we need to get done!

Knut Simonsen, VP Strategy and Corporate Development DTE Midstream

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