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Presenting the Next Generation of Data Analytics.

How do you explain an unprecedented and highly technical mathematical breakthrough in terms that are immediately relevant to clients who are not themselves mathematicians?

This was the problem posed to us by Ellipsoid Analytics when they asked us to build a website that would help them market their core technology. It wasn’t an easy task, but fortunately, we’re always up for a challenge.

Communicating the Complex.

From the beginning, we realized that our task lay in breaking a technical subject down into value propositions that a non-technical audience could grasp without making them feel as though we were condescending to them or intentionally losing them with complicated jargon.

To accomplish this, we worked closely with the head of the company to structure the site content in a way that accurately reflected their business. We then combined this with carefully-chosen imagery that brought our subject matter to life. The result was a clean and comprehensible design that immediately sparks trust for the audience.

The capability of the build/create team to jump into our world, help us build structure around our content and amplify our story has been an incredible asset.

Wayne D. Brannon, CEO Ellipsoid Analytics

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