World class ergonomics consulting never looked so good.

build/create was the creative power behind our most recent website overhaul. They were easy to work with, listened well, and gave us a product that we are proud of. I would certainly recommend them to others.

Lauren Caris – Project Manager

New office, new website, new perspective

The website we built for Humantech in 2010 was starting to show its age.  At the time its design was very much like their office- efficient, well designed, and very much your standard corporate aesthetic.  Fast forward 5 years and as their business continued to evolve and thrive we undertook rebuilding their online identity at the same time as their office was undergoing a major overhaul.  Interestingly both wound up launching around the same time, and it was almost eery how similar the two felt in look and feel.

Both represent a company comfortable in its own skin fully embracing modern trends in both web and interior design- utilizing broad swaths of color, striking photography and a minimalist sensibility.   Staying on the forefront of their industry has always been a pillar of Humantech’s success, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Flexible content = magic

With a robust library of content making it look beautiful was priority #1 during the design and development of the site.  So we rebuilt our entire approach to managing content from the ground up.  Now content is built from re-orderable blocks and pre-styled modules, allowing for a multitude of variations to the display and formatting while retaining smooth responsive scaling for a gorgeous mobile experience.

Or in other words, we took content management from mundane, to magical.


After a complete content overall, a digital AND office space redesign, and a veritable smorgasbørd of photography Humantech’s brand has never been stronger or more aligned with their core values and culture.  They can manage their content with ease and flexibility that was previously unprecedented, giving them the power to continually evolve their content alongside the business.

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