Engineering workplace ergonomics across five continents.

Employee health and wellbeing is a crucial concern for businesses around the world. Humantech takes a scientific approach to promoting health by analyzing working environments and identifying places where workers could be more likely to injure themselves, whether through desktop setups that promote bad posture or production tasks that lead to repetitive strain injuries.

With over forty years of experience, promoting employee wellbeing has been the work of a lifetime. So, when they trusted us with the redesign of their new website, we were proud to put our own user-first perspective to work.

A user-centric website for a user-centric business.

People are at the heart of Humantech’s business, so we put them at the heart of our design. From imagery that features Humantech employees at work to a design that’s user-tested to create the optimal experience, we made sure that the passion this brand feels for employees and customers alike shines through every facet of our project.

build/create was the creative power behind our most recent website overhaul. They were easy to work with, listened well, and gave us a product that we are proud of. I would certainly recommend them to others.

Lauren Caris, Project Manager Humantech



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