Helping Jennifer evolve her brand since 2008 has been a true privilege.

All great reinventions are about shedding something and leaving it behind.  As always, build/create has been a true thinking partner in that process, which to me means equal parts advocate and devil’s advocate. Their ability and willingness to collaborate as well as lead made what could have been a daunting undertaking stay on schedule and go smoothly. They are knowledgeable, responsive, savvy, trustworthy, and at the top of their game.

There’s no longer a disconnect between me and my online presence—and that alignment is priceless. My site is once again doing the “heavy lifting” of communicating my message, engaging my community, and enticing prospects. Best of all, the newly renamed, rebranded, redesigned site is already paying dividends in terms of engagement, growing my email list and new client acquisition.

Jennifer Bailey – Owner

Project Story

Jennifer had been a client for years, getting good mileage out of her site, and operating a successful business as a life and business coach. It functioned, it did what she needed, but at some point along the way, it had stopped projecting the correct image of what her business really was to her audience. It was time for a reinvention.

Rebranding as reinvention

The solution to Jennifer’s business-identity-crisis was to step back and realize that her personal brand had become more important than any other individual facet of the site. Instead of focusing on programs or services (like a company might), we needed to refocus the site around her – her writing, ideas, and personality.

For a service as personal as coaching, making that initial emotional connection is the most important take-away for a visitor to the site. If that connection is established, the rest will follow.


Our redesign completely changed the way that Jennifer presents herself to her audience. An increased emphasis on imagery from a photo shoot that we directed and a change in name for the website and brand put the spotlight on the best thing Jennifer has to offer – herself!

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