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build/create did more than redesign our website, they build a tool that we use to interact with our students every day. Over the years they have remained available and responsive to our evolving needs, developing new features, providing support, and allowing us to continue to make the most of our site.

Davey Rosen – Associate Director

Reinvigorating student engagement

Michigan Hillel came to us with a website that was frustrating and dysfunctional, for themselves and for their members – students at the University of Michigan. Their goals were numerous, including a complete redesign and build of the site, an intricate level of content management control, and a need to engage with their membership on the site, through ticket sales, event management, and ongoing news and updates throughout the academic year and beyond.

Track all the things!

For a non-profit, membership-based organization like Hillel, tracking data in an organized, usable fashion is extremely important. So we built a student registration system as well as a new donation work-flow that integrates with their donor management CRM.  Now not only have we increased their student engagement, they’re also able to quantify that engagement as the school year progresses!  

There are countless interactions (just kidding, we do count them all) between students, parents, alumni and Hillel. Together those interactions paint a picture of each student’s life with Hillel at the University.

Hillel, travel-size.

For university student organizations one thing has become abundantly clear: if your website isn’t mobile friendly, it’s not student friendly.  So we made sure every interaction can be done easily on any device, so no matter where a student goes, their Hillel is never farther than their pocket.


The site we built revolutionized the control that Hillel had over their content management. We created tiers of permissions and access so that admins, staff, and even student leaders could have content ownership delegated to them by content category or even page by page or item by item.

The redesign boosted student engagement increasing overall traffic as well as time spent on site. The donations, ecommerce, and ticket management automated processes that had formerly been manual, reducing frustration and headaches and increasing revenue at the same time. Integrated student information forms facilitated account creation and profile management instead of a painstaking process of paper collection and hand-entry of forms.

Michigan Hillel’s site is now an integral part of the day to day running and management of their organization, and the return on investment accrues with every interaction.

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