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Pure and simple eCommerce

From Yahoo to WooCommerce

Prior to our intervention the Modernistic Store was sitting on a Yahoo store from over a decade ago, a platform so old even finding the right place to log in was a challenge.  Having never been updated throughout the life cycle of the Yahoo Small Business system, it was an archaic platform badly in need of an update.  Managing products and orders was a headache, and updating the site template itself was out of the question.

We brought it into the modern age with WooCommerce, the defacto WordPress eCommerce solution, and the store manager was completely blown way by how much simpler it is!

The future is bright- warehouse management, subscriptions and more

Not only does the move improve the day to day life of managing the store, it opens the door to new growth and evolution!  With the power of WooCommerce working behind the scenes, we can adapt the site to fulfill their changing needs, including new features like warehouse management and subscription products for regular restocking of their clients’ supplies.

Mobile eCommerce- it’s only expected!

As with every project we undertake, mobile is more than an afterthought.  The site scales to match any screen size you can throw at it to ensure a consistent experience across the plethora of devices their customers use.  Phone, tablet, laptop, you name it, you can shop with it.


The day to day running of the Modernistic shop is easier than it’s ever been before, and the future has never looked so bright!

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