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From the start of the NEIdeas contest, we trusted Build Create with the implementation of all aspects of our website and online functionality. They responded with enthusiasm, going the extra mile to offer creative solutions to complex problems which required an intimate understanding of our underlying goals and motivations. Their dedication and reliability has proved invaluable, especially as we move into the second year of our contest.

Abir Ali – Founder

Project Story

New Economy Initiative had worked with us already to redesign their main site and knew what we were capable of, so when they wanted a site dedicated to managing a one-of-a-kind contest that they would be running in the Detroit area, they didn’t have to hunt for a vendor.

Moving parts are our speciality.

We worked with them to make the contest that they had designed a reality. This included everything from ensuring that they got the right domain, e-mail addresses, and call-in number, to building a site that would promote the contest, take applications, and integrate with the necessary CRMs and jurying applications for processing the entries.


The site we built was flexible enough to adapt the the varying stages of the contest (announcing, promoting, taking entries, closing applications, announcing winners) and dynamic enough to display the results of the grants in a visually compelling way (definitely check out the filterable contestant map).

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