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build/create is an amazing team of creative people.  The knowledge and recommendations they brought to the table directly contributed to reducing our vacancies to less then half within months!  I would highly recommend you bring Build/Create into your next project!

Molly Runcie – Board Member

Project Story

River House Coop needed a facelift, not just their brand, literally their building. As a co-op building in Detroit, they were long overdue for some renovations to remain a destination housing alternative. The only problem was that, without the renovations, their occupancy was down and they couldn’t get a bank loan. The bank told them that they needed to fill the units in their building before they could get the loan – a classic chicken/egg problem. Our solution was to start with a facelift for their brand.

More than a fresh coat of paint…

We completely reworked the building’s brand and identity, starting by changing their visuals (colors, fonts, logos) to consolidate and modernize a historically schizophrenic identity. From there we updated their messaging to resonate with their target audience and directed a photo shoot to capture the buildings best features, the interiors and view.


A billboard marketing push combined with a redesigned web site (to capture inquiries and showcase open units) was all that was needed to make the difference. Within six months the units were filled and as of writing this, renovations were underway. We’re eager to see the results!

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