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Fully Integrated eCommerce

Bringing business online

Searzone USA has a successful brick and mortar business selling new and refurbished appliances and furniture, and the question was how best to take a business so much changing stock online?

We started with an über clean layout, so that the ever changing product photograph would still feel at home and not clash with an overwrought design.  And of course this also then lends itself well to mobile and email formats, a growing avenue of discovery for their business!


Pulling in products from outside distributors

With new stock coming from many different sources, the best way to keep track of it all was to integrate with the distributors EDI system and directly import stock as well as transmitting order data back to them for fulfillment.  At the end of the day the result is a turnkey solution that operates relatively hands free!

Mobile eCommerce – a growing audience

With the internet being a fresh medium for the store, it was important to get off on the right foot and make sure visitors on every screen size would feel at home when they arrived.  Our content management tools are fully responsive and mobile-friendly out of the gate, everything after that is pure gravy.


As the store grows, so do new opportunities in product distribution– and their new WooCommerce powered store is up to the task and ready to go!

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