Taking the world of cloud storage and turning it on its head

Unparalleled storage agility.

Crafting a meaningful message

SkySync came to us with a challenge: explain what their product is, what it does, and why people need it. When their product solves one of the most difficult file storage problems and turns the entire cloud storage world on its head, it can seem a little daunting. Through insightful analysis of their audience and their product, we were able to narrow down their message and get the point across to customers – Sync, migrate or backup files across platforms.

Identity, refreshed

Part of communicating their message is the imagery used to convey it. We worked closely with the SkySync team to put together a series of graphics and icons that tell the story of how SkySync works and how easy it is to use. Every graphic and icon also fits beautifully with our take on their logo, which is a clean and dimensional take on SkySync and also serves as an illustration of bringing things together.

The information they need, anywhere

Simplicity is the name of the game for SkySync. Give the customer a product that solves their problem and make it remarkably easy to use. The goal for SkySync was to make their site do the work for them by answering the customer’s questions before they have a chance to ask them, it also needed to function as a tool for SkySync’s partners, available to them where ever they are.


More than website, we built an interactive tool for SkySync to demonstrate how their product works to simplify file sharing and storage in the cloud across their entire organization. We built the site around flexible content areas, giving SkySync the ability to use text, images, and videos to highlight how their product works and how easy it is to sync, migrate or backup their files from any platform to another.

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