The Smooth Operator

No magic, just good science

Safe and effective cellulite treatment you can do at home.

Excellent doers, teachers, and students; build/create studios are a talented group of individuals with a tremendous sense of team — they’ve treated our business as their business. They are never more than an email, text, or phone call away, and the post launch support exceeds expectations.

Claire Roubal – The Smooth Operator

Giving women back their confidence

At first glance, The Smooth Operator® may seem like it’s too good to be true. The difference is that The Smooth Operator® is proven to be effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. There are no gimmicks, no pills, no creams. Just tangible results. That’s the story we were asked to tell with this site, how women could actively change the appearance of their cellulite – easily, safely, effectively, and all in the privacy of their own home.

More than a product, a life-changer

Not only does the site tell the story of The Smooth Operator®, it also tells the story of the women who use it.

The Smooth Operator®, in the palm of your hand

We all lead busy lives, that’s why owners of The Smooth Operator® purchased it in the first place – its an effective treatment for cellulite that requires less than an hour, twice a week. We made sure that owners would be able to access the site, even while they’re on the go.


By trusting in our expertise, we were able to build a flexible, adaptable site that performs both as a marketing and sales portal for a product and as a resource for a growing community of owners.

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