A custom ecommerce solution for a national retailer.

As a national retailer of scrubs and other professional uniform attire, The Uniform Outlet needed a web development team that could handle large quantities of data while maintaining a functioning ecommerce website without a hitch during times of peak traffic. The project was certainly complex, but our team was eager to take it on.

Taking WordPress ecommerce functionality to the next level.

The biggest challenge The Uniform Outlet faced in their online sales lay in maintaining an accurate inventory. Each brand they carried shipped from a different location, which complicated their supply chain and made it difficult for customers to know if the item they wanted to purchase was in stock.

Solving this problem took some creative thinking on the part of our development team, but we eventually hit on an answer. In the end, The Uniform Outlet decided to work with our team because everyone else they spoke to told them what they wanted wasn’t possible. We not only proposed a workable solution—we delivered on it.

Reaching Positon 0 with content, SEO, and structured data.

We didn’t just build a custom ecommerce site—we also delivered a digital marketing strategy that caused their online sales to skyrocket. Apart from running their blog, we also targeting key SEO terms related to their business. And by formatting the blog posts with structured data, we helped them feature at the top of search results in Google’s rich snippets.

The build/create team has been phenomenal to work with! They masterfully executed a robust ecommerce platform on our behalf, and they have worked with us every step of the way to ensure an ecommerce solution for our customers. From custom requests to developing automation, they not only have the knowledge and skill to tackle large ecommerce platforms, but they have the tact and professionalism to be cost-conscious and transparent.

From development to marketing, this team has greatly impacted our growth as an online retail company!

Alyssa Sonnevil, Marketing Manager The Uniform Outlet
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