The Uniform Outlet

Next level eCommerce. We took the work of a dozen staff members and automated it.

The build/create team has been phenomenal to work with. From custom feature requests to developing automated inventory management, they not only have the knowledge and skill to tackle large ecommerce platforms, but they have the tact and professionalism to be cost-conscious and transparent. From development to marketing, this team has greatly impacted our growth as an online retail company!

Alyssa Sonnevil, Marketing Manager

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Powerful. Elegant. E-Commerce

The Uniform Outlet knows what their customers want, a simple e-commerce experience. We worked together to learn their target audience backwards and forwards. Then crafted a website that was fast, responsive, and had an easy checkout process – even on mobile.

They needed the power of a full department and we gave it to them. Automating processes that their competitors have to hire a dozen employees to manage. This means we’ve grown their sales and cut costs. Now that’s powerful!

Powered by WooCommerce

We customized WooCommerce’s ecommerce platform to be tailored to their specific needs. Everything from shipping, to automating how meta-descriptions populated. We harnessed the flexibility of WooCommerce, made it a powerful tool to grow their sales, all while being easy to manage.

And We’re Just Getting Started…

E-Commerce and Beyond!

70% of their traffic comes from mobile. So we had to make sure that it was optimized as possible for those users. But responsive design isn’t where we ended. We’re working with them to make the process even easier. From mobile payments to tracking in-store and online transactions, we’re helping them make the business of sales easier.

What Else Has Been Done?

E-Commerce SEO

The Uniform Outlet had never had products on their own website before. This meant there was little content, and even less search optimization they could do. We started in optimizing products, categories, and pages to exceed their competitors’ levels, and grew their online sales .

We partnered with The Uniform Outlet’s team to create a great e-commerce shopping experience that pleased users and the search engines. They continue to grow month after month in their keyword rankings and traffic.

Marketing Automation

From email automation to cart abandonment tracking we’ve worked together to make sure that every visitor and every sale is accounted for. They know where their sales come from, where to invest, and how many carts abandon each month. (and we can remarket to them individually to keep get them to come back)

We did all that without having to increase their staff.
That’s the power of automation

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