April 19th, 2011

Working on your business instead of in it

The classic entrepreneurs dilemma: becoming so busy working for your company’s clients that you forget about the needs of your #1 client, the company itself. Psychologically it’s only natural, and a very attractive trap at that—it feels good to be busy. Being busy means a steady flow of income (well hopefully anyway). Being busy can make us feel accomplished and important.

But just like it’s important to take some time off to rest, to have personal time to gather one’s thoughts and recuperate, the same applies to your company. It needs time invested on it to help grow, to develop your brand’s identity, to self-promote, to strategize. That’s what makes you a business owner, and not just an employee.

In the past we’ve found ourselves in that exact situation, and when a prospective client made note of the sparse nature of our portfolio, I knew it was time to take a pause and invest a little time in improving that situation.  The whole process ended up taking longer than I expected, but in the end instead of feeling exhausted, I felt invigorated knowing that the company was putting a much better face forward.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

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