March 2nd, 2018

How To Repurpose Your Content for Optimal Performance

Author: Eric Lynch
Eric Lynch
Partner & Director of Business Development

how to repurpose your content for optimal performance

The first problem we run into whenever we bring up the subject of content marketing is, how will I have time to create all this content? Well, first off, we tend to write it for companies. Second, like compounding interest, content has long-term value and can be reused for optimal performance for your website.

That’s right, you can repurposed content to help your marketing for the long-term. Internally, we produce content every day. But not every company has a slew of writers and marketers, and others don’t have the budget for that much content to be produced. So reusing stuff you have written in the past is a great way to keep it fresh and working for your business. So how do you do this? Here’s 3 easy ways.

Email Marketing

Want to get people back on your website and nurture a lead? Using your blogs as a lead nurturing tool is an easy way to do this. You can have people in an email trickle campaign. You don’t have to create a million emails to do it. Just having enough to hit the questions at different areas of the buying cycle and each of your personas is enough to get you started.

You can also slip them into sales emails to help folks get an answer to a question without having to type it out. This can help you be a more efficient sales person, while getting them back on the website. (If you’re tracking visitor behavior)

Reposting Content

Being active on social media is hard if you don’t have constant content being produced. But if you don’t have the ability to do it, load a bunch into tools like HootSuite or Buffer and let them automatically post them for you at the time intervals you want.

This will help you as a marketer be more efficient in getting those posts out there over doing them one at a time every day.

Update Old Articles

Updating old posts can help you in two ways. First is you’re able to create a new content piece with minimal effort. Just making it more relevant for the time can help your readers get more relevant answers. The second benefit is with SEO. If the original post is highly trafficked you can link to your new one to give the updated version some juice. Also, if you’re using rich cards to show the dates that you wrote a post, having an updated version will be more relevant for the search engines.

To tie it all together, when you update these posts, putting them in email marketing and of course getting them into your social rotation will help even further.


You don’t have to have a massive content budget or a team of writers to have a robust content marketing strategy. By repurposing and reusing content that you’ve already done can help you to make the most of your content.

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