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Evolve or Die: What Disney Teaches Us About Marketing and Sports

The most expensive words in business are: We’ve always done it that way.”   This is, of course, a paraphrasing of the famous quote by Grace Murray Hopper. Evolution in business is nothing new. But there’s a difference between the slow evolution of righting a large ship, versus the quick and systemic changes that some… read more

word cloud showing brand language and communications.

Hold my beer: How brand tone can prevent a PR nightmare.

Do you know how to handle your brand tone in a PR crisis? The past few weeks have been bad news for some major corporate brands. Pepsi began with a now infamously tone-deaf ad campaign, which trivialized protest movements by implying Pepsi was the solution to even the most serious problems. Not to be outdone,… read more


Marketing Periscope: How to Create Emails That Get Clicks

We’ve discussed how to create emails in SharpSpring, and how to get emails that get opened. But now we’ll discuss how to create emails that get clicked on. It’s not the highest metric in your email reports, no, that title belongs to emails that create conversions. But it’s definitely a close second. What it meant… read more

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Do you need a social media strategy for business?

Be careful what you wish for: Social media is a beast that needs feeding. We sometimes have clients come to us and ask for advice in building a social media strategy for business. This isn’t a bad question to be asking, but it sometimes comes with some backwards assumptions. The problem is that many people… read more

Step 3: EP12 – Permission to Land

What are we waiting for? When we’re kids, we need our parents’ approval, we need their permission.  When we go to school, we need our teachers’ approval, and their permission.  When we go to work…and so on.  The thing is, outside of those controlled environments (and inside for that matter!) we should be able to… read more

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What Inbound Marketing Software is Right For You?

  There are so many marketing automation/inbound marketing softwares out there. It’s hard to know which are the right ones. Some, like HubSpot are well known, and others like Pardot may not be. We’ve created an inbound marketing software comparison guide for you, to help you find which one is right for you. It may also… read more

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Is downloadable content the missing link in your strategy?

Why your business needs downloadable content. As you put time and energy into building your content marketing strategy, you may be wondering how to convert all those interested visitors into sales leads. You can see the visitors growing on your website, the increased traffic on your social media, the views and shares and likes and… read more

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5 ways to repurpose content from your blog.

How to make more out of your evergreen content. You invest a lot of time and energy into creating excellent blog content. It’s insightful, helpful, maybe even a bit humorous. If you’ve done your work right, your best blogs should stick around long after you’ve hit the “publish” button, drawing in organic traffic and resurfacing… read more

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Where should you invest your content marketing budget?

How to get the most bang from your content marketing buck. Recently, I was discussing content marketing strategy with someone who wanted to know if blogging or social media would be a better investment for a client who only had a small budget and limited time to work on their content marketing. Slightly to my… read more

Episode 12: How to write an RFP

In today’s post we tackle the topic of how to write an RFP including some useful Do’s and Don’ts so that you can identify the best vendor for you and have a successful website project.