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Our Top 3 Digitial Marketing Trends of 2018

Our Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

So many digital marketing trends aren’t very useful, they don’t last, and they’re not universal for B2B and B2C businesses. This isn’t one of those lists. We probably should have titled it 3 practical digital marketing trends for 2018, but we didn’t. We’ll take a look at one existing trend that, for the most part… read more

9 Features Your Ecommerce Website Needs to Have

9 Features Your Ecommerce Website Needs to Have

Building an ecommerce website requires several essential features. For small businesses interested in entering the world of online retail for the first time, starting an ecommerce store can be intimidating. Sure, there’s plenty of websites that advertise quick and easy setup options, but most are only suitable for individuals selling on a very small level…. read more

how to do SEO competitive analysis in 2018

How To Do SEO Competitive Analysis in 2018

Competitor analysis has been going on since day one in the free market. The moment there were two blacksmiths in town, business owners started trying to figure out how to beat their competition. The advent of Internet marketing has made some of these aspects easier, but it also means it’s easier for your competition. That… read more

sharpspring vs hubspot who's email automation tool is better

SharpSpring vs HubSpot – Who’s Email Automation Tool is Better?

If you didn’t know it already, SharpSpring is the second most used marketing automation platform in the world. But most people when they think of inbound marketing tools they think of HubSpot. So what’s the difference? What makes HubSpot so huge? Are they really superior to all the other platforms out there? Let’s find out… read more

Is there such a thing as too much content?

Is Content Marketing Littering the Internet?

Is there such a thing as too much content? For helpful, high-quality content, the answer is: no. I see this opinion making its way around the Internet every once and a while. Someone—not a marketer, usually—makes an argument that content marketing is somehow clogging up the Internet. That there is, in fact, too much content,… read more

are you near me? Changes in local search in 2028

Are You “Near Me?” Changes in Local Search in 2018

If you’re a business that relies on local traffic, either in your store or on your website, local search terms are important to you. Being optimized for local search is an ever evolving process. Whether it’s changes to the terms people use, or the devices that they use to find you; making sure that you’re… read more

28 Marketing Jargon Terms (So we all speak the same language)

28 Marketing Jargon Terms (So We All Speak the Same Language)

It’s hard to talk about marketing without using jargon. Here’s what we mean to say. Ever get into a conversation with a marketer and feel like you’re talking a different language? That’s because, in a sense, you are. Marketers—like many other professionals—use a lot of terms to refer to specific tools, concepts, or actions. These… read more

What are email spam traps and how to avoid them

What Are Email SPAM Traps, and How To Avoid Them

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and email spammers have been at odds since the invention of email. In fairness to ISP’s none of us want to get spam email. So we appreciate that ISP’s create things like spam traps to weed out bad emailers, and protect our inboxes. So let’s take a look at what a… read more

3 ways to get high quality backlinks

3 Great Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks, we all want them. For search engine rankings, we all need them. Getting them can seem like a daunting task. It’s time consuming to get high quality links. And getting low quality ones can come across as spammy to Google. So how do you get high quality backlinks that seem natural and actually help… read more

what does hosting cost and how to calculate your needs

What Does Hosting Cost? (And how to calculate your needs)

How small to mid-sized businesses can understand their hosting needs. Web hosting costs are one of the basic maintenance fees most business must account for when they launch their website. However, many businesses find the subject confusing, and aren’t sure what they should be paying for web hosting, or what services their web hosting should… read more