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Why Blog Research is Always Worth Your Time.

Take time to research blog topics. You may be surprised what you dig up. Putting out a weekly (or twice-weekly, or daily) blog can be a real grind. It’s common to hit a wall and feel like you’re out of ideas. The temptation is to grab something—anything—that springs to mind and push out the minimum… read more

Episode 09: Understanding Analytics – Metrics

In today’s episode we continue our series on Understanding Analytics by covering the various Metrics that make up a good sales funnel. We’ll talk about what each one is, and why it’s important.

Step 3: EP10 – The Pursuit of Fulfillment

What matters most? Everyone can answer that a little differently- what makes you feel free, like anything is possible?  What gets you excited about life?  Something BIG, something borderline cosmic.  In this episode I talk about that feeling when you get when you find that purpose that extends beyond yourself and makes you feel like… read more

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7 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Eliminate these SEO mistakes before your strategy gets you in trouble. A lot of people are frustrated with SEO, which is why Matt blogged yesterday about SEO tools to help cut through some of the confusion. I regularly see various online marketers try to allay this fear by assuring their audiences that it’s not so… read more

SEO Tools

4 SEO Tools You Need to Be Using

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine management (SEM) can seem like a confusing and complicated thing to do. The reality is that while it’s time consuming there are a lot of great tools to keep it simple. If you do a search for SEO tools, you’ll find dozens of them listed and many are… read more

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Why design consistency matters for your website.

A consistent design isn’t just best practices, it’s best for UX as well. What does it mean to have a consistent web design? When we discuss design consistency for websites, we’re talking about both internal and external consistency. Internal consistency means ensuring that your website remains the same from one page to the next: you’re… read more

make all marketing digital

How to Make all Marketing Digital

Digital marketing brings with it so many advantages in terms of tracking what is working and what isn’t. But online marketing isn’t the only tool in a marketer’s tool bag. There are plenty of offline marketing efforts that you can and should be using to boost your brand. The question is, how do you make… read more

Episode 08: Understanding Analytics – Research vs. Reporting

In today’s episode we start our series on Understanding Analytics by exploring the dual purposes for which analytics exist – research and reporting. We’ll talk about what these are really for and why it’s important to keep them separate.

illustration of tracking and monitoring of user behavior to increase conversions on your website

How to increase conversions on your website.

Helping your SEO translate into sales results. Is your website getting a lot of hits but no conversions? Sometimes, you build an amazing website, optimize your pages just right, run an ad, draw in a lot of traffic, and then… nothing happens. What went wrong? That’s an important question, and one every decent marketer obsesses… read more

Step 3: EP9 – Money Troubles

Mo’ Money mo’ problems Money is the root of…so many things!  Not least of which a whole host of psychological troubles.  Towards the end we go totally off the rails in a dissection of modern society and evolutionary psychology, so buckle up.  This is happening. And don’t forget to stop by and leave us a… read more