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how to use instagram for your influencer marketing strategy

How to Use Instagram for Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Word of mouth is and has always been the easiest way to gain new customers. When someone recommends what you do or make there’s a level of trust in your business that’s already established. So how can you translate that into social media? Instagram presents you with a great avenue for you to bolster your… read more

Are You Ready to Hire a Web Design Agency?

Are You Ready to Hire a Web Design Agency?

Agencies, freelancers, and DIY: how to choose the best solution for your budget. You need a new website. Your current website looks like it came from the early 2000’s at best, it’s hard to use for both you and your customers, and you know it’s holding your business back. However, you’re not sure where to… read more

How Can Google’s Featured Snippets Help Your Marketing?

How Can Google’s Featured Snippets Help Your Marketing?

Want to know how to make it into one of Google’s answer boxes? It takes work. If you’ve Googled anything recently, you’ve probably noticed that Google often provides an answer to your question before you even click on a link. These answer boxes, which Google calls featured snippets, are short answer drawn from content pages… read more

Why you need a niche to have success online

Why You Need to Niche to Have Success Online

When someone asks you, “who’s your target audience?” Your answer shouldn’t be, “anyone who can afford my {insert product/service}.” Not true, and not a winning strategy online. There are a few places that it might work, sure. But they have names already, Amazon, Walmart, eBay. For the rest of us, attempting to be the online… read more

Technical SEO practices to implement before the year ends.

3 Technical SEO Practices to Implement Before the Year Ends

Want something to cross off your 2017 checklist? Try these technical SEO best practices. December is upon us, which means some of us are hoping to finally get around to some of those projects we meant to do back in January. As one of those projects, we recommend implementing some of the new technical SEO… read more

How much does SEO cost? (And what you should ask instead.)

How Much Does SEO Cost? (And What You Should Ask Instead.)

If you want to improve your SEO, start with strategy, not price. SEO is one of the more difficult realms of web development and content strategy because it’s become such a buzzword that many people have become convinced that they need it before they know what it is. Which, of course, they do. SEO is… read more

Ways Google Alerts can help you target your marketing.

4 Ways Google Alerts Can Help Target Your Marketing

Use Google alerts to show you what you need to know before you need to search for it. You know those people who always seem to be the first to know about breaking news or industry updates? Well, they’re on to something—and now you can be, too. Google alerts aren’t new, but if you missed… read more

New SharpSpring Features coming in December

New SharpSpring Features Coming in December

SharpSpring has been a disrupter in the marketing automation and inbound marketing sphere for a few years now. They introduced a price point that was ultra competitive against the likes of HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot. Now they’re getting even more competitive by bringing some really exciting features to their suite of offerings. Yes, these features… read more

how to create and editorial calendar for your marketing blog

How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Marketing Blog

Coordinate with your team, research your topics, make a solid plan. Marketing blogs are one of the best ways to promote your business online. A well-run blog provides promotional content for social media, helps build your email marketing lists, and creates SEO ballast for your domain. And yet many businesses struggle to maintain a regular… read more

Two paths in a wood with the text overlay: Why too many choices are destroying your user experience.

Why Too Many Choices Are Destroying Your User Experience

Decisions are exhausting. Give your users a break by designing with authority. What can grocery shopping tell us about user experience? Like any customer experience: a lot. I usually shop at either Trader Joe’s or Kroger. As much as I love Trader Joe’s, there are a few items they don’t stock. And from bouncing between… read more