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One Degree of Separation – The Mind of the Impostor

I’m a fake. Everything that I know how to do, I’ve taught myself. Normally, this would be an admirable quality, at least prospective employers usually say so. But to me, I’m always lacking that extra oomph that college grads have. When I compare myself to other developers, I feel like I’m O-Town comparing myself to the… read more

Is your SEO specialist promising the impossible?

Is Your SEO Specialist Promising the Impossible?

Understanding the good/cheap/fast of content marketing and SEO. There’s an old truism in marketing and other customer service-related fields that you can have quality, efficiency, or cost, but not all three. It’s a broadly-accurate statement that applies in all sorts of conditions, and content marketing and SEO are no exceptions. Of course, that doesn’t keep… read more

5 Design Trends We Love to Hate in 2018

Design is communication, but these design trends missed the memo. Trends come and trends go, some more obnoxious than others, but the ones we truly love to hate are the ones that actively impede usability and create a confusing user experience.  And worse yet, that seem to continue gaining popularity despite this!  Who are these… read more

Permission Marketing: why user consent matters

Permission Marketing: Why User Consent Matters

How to turn an interruption into a desirable resource. If you think about most marketing you encounter day-to-day, you’ll notice that you didn’t ask for most of it. In fact, this is such a foregone conclusion for most people that the idea anyone would ask for someone to market to them seems almost laughable. Advertisements… read more

Rise of the Millennial Decision Maker: Why B2B Digital Marketing is Important

There ‘s a common misconception that the generation born between 1980 and 2000 all live in their parents basement, live on avocados and toast, and generally are apathetic to work. The reality is that nearly 1/3rd of all in this generation have already started a business, and nearly half want to. That outperforms Baby Boomers… read more

A Beautiful Design – The Psychology Behind UX

You may or may not be aware of this, but we’re inside your head right now. Just by you being on our website. Don’t go! You’ll just end up on another website where someone else will be in your head. That’s because there’s a lot more behind the design of a website than you think,… read more

What Can You Expect from Your Homepage Design

What Can You Expect from Your Homepage Design?

Is your homepage the most important page on your website? If you were to ask 99% of web owners what the most important page on their website is, most of them would probably say their homepage. After all, the homepage is what’s on their business cards, in their email signatures, and in the descriptions of… read more

5 E-Commerce Tracking Metrics You Should Be Measuring

5 E-Commerce Tracking Metrics You Should be Measuring

E-commerce tracking isn’t just about the number of sales you get, which is important, but not the only metric that’s important. This is especially true if you are in an industry that relies heavily on return customers (like niche businesses and subscription models). No, businesses can’t just be concerned with the sale, but what it… read more

Why Blog Keywords Grow Organic Search Traffic

Why Blog Keywords Grow Organic Search Traffic

Blogging regularly—and diversifying your keywords—will help grow organic web traffic. Any content marketer worth their salt takes it as given that blogging is good for SEO. But for many business owners, the link between regular blogging and increased search traffic is less obvious. Their primary instinct is to sell, because this is what they’ve always… read more

WordPress Questions to Ask Your Developer

If I’ve learned one thing from our involvement in the WordPress community it’s that everyone uses it differently. On one hand this is awesome because no matter what you’re trying to do, it’s likely that someone else has tried to do the same thing and has shared their successes and failures online.  On the other… read more