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Ecommerce Platforms Round Three- WooCommerce vs. BigCommerce

Ecommerce Platforms Round Three: WooCommerce vs. BigCommerce

Choosing an ecommerce platform for your business? Let’s compare two of the top contenders. We’ve been taking a closer look at top e-commerce platforms lately, mostly comparing the industry leaders against out platform of choice, WooCommerce run on WordPress. If you’re interested in some of our previous comparisons, they are: Choosing Your E-Commerce Platform: WooCommerce… read more

why your website needs a blog

4 Reasons Why your Website Needs a Blog

Ah, content marketing. One of the many inbound marketing strategies we take very seriously here at build/create. When you think of the inbound marketing funnel, blogging is at the very top of the funnel and that is what initially attracts the prospect. When they are searching for a particular product, service, or keyword, that keyword… read more

structured data for seo tips and tricks

Structured Data for SEO – Tips & Tricks

Structured Data for SEO – Tips & Tricks What is Structured Data? Structured data is the extra helpful information next to organic search results that produce rich snippets of data. If you are searching for a hair salon, you may see hours of operation, reviews, and service pricing. Those extra tid bits of information are… read more

Ecommerce Platforms Round Two WooCommerce vs. Magento

Ecommerce Platforms Round Two: WooCommerce vs. Magento

How to choose an ecommerce platform that will help your business scale. If you’re a small ecommerce business ready to grow into a medium (or large!) business, choosing the right platform to support your growth can be an exciting but also intimidating process. On the one hand: your business is doing well, and you have… read more

What Do B2B Companies Need from Their Websites

What Do B2B Companies Need from Their Websites?

An effective B2B website doesn’t just generate leads; it reinforces your brand. One of the most basic distinctions in businesses is between those organizations that market to the end consumer (B2C), and those that market to other businesses (B2B). We’re all familiar with B2C marketing campaigns, because they’re usually directed at us. But for businesses… read more

artificial intelligence digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Its Effect on Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Its Effect on Digital Marketing Besides influencer marketing taking social media by storm, and Generation Z being the big target generation of the year, Artificial Intelligence is also a large play maker and digital marketing trend of 2018.  What is Artificial Intelligence?  According to the Oxford Dictionary, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the… read more

social media organic traffic

Social Engagement and its Impact on Web Traffic

Social Engagement and its Impact on Web Traffic Social media isn’t just for your aunt and grandma to post embarrassing family photos online. This communication platform can add to your website traffic when the proper strategy is put into place. Web traffic comes in acquisitions such as organic, paid, direct, referral, and social. Organic traffic… read more

4 reasons your website isn't ranking

4 Reasons Your Website isn’t Ranking

As an agency we often get approached by businesses who are either looking to redesign or build a new website. They often talk about how beyond the design issues the website doesn’t rank for what they want. While that’s frustrating there are always a number of factors for why that’s happening. We will often do… read more

Social Strategy – B2B vs B2C

Social Strategy – B2B vs B2C How do you know how to effectively advertise on social media to business’s vs consumers? Well I am here to tell you! There is a strategy that needs to be put into place to target B2B vs B2C.  If you are in the service industry marketing to consumers  there… read more

how to create a content funnel for ecommerce

How to Create a Content Funnel for E-Commerce

Understanding the buyer’s journey is important for any business. For service companies, especially those with larger price tags, they know how long it takes for a person to become a customer. This allows them the ability to craft content and and nurture those folks. For e-commerce businesses that journey can be more difficult to track,… read more