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word cloud with duplicate content and other related SEO words

Avoiding the Duplicate Content Penalty: SEO Best Practices

What is duplicate content, and should you be worried? Duplicate content is an issue we regularly encounter when working with our clients to build a new website, improve the one they already own, or help build their content strategy. If you’ve ever worked with a web designer or content specialist, you’ve probably heard the term… read more

wordpress tools

Top 3 WordPress Tools Developers Can’t Live Without

3 of Ann Arbor’s Top Developers Weigh in on the Tools They Use for Success Scour the repositories and the Reddit channels and you’ll find a wide range of discussions about tools and a place to get the tools that are available for WordPress designers and developers. Everything from events calendars and form builders, to… read more

Step 3: BONUS – La La Land

Finally watched it, and yes, I have thoughts. In my latest blu-ray binge I caught up on La La Land, brought to us by the same folks behind Whiplash, and just like Whiplash, I have thoughts.  They share similar themes about ambition and life choices, which I didn’t expect, but was happy to find.  Since then… read more

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How to Write a Good Case Study

Tell your best story to sell your business and your services. Ah, the case study. Possibly the oldest weapon in a marketer’s arsenal. A neat, ever-so-validating body of work designed to prove that your business works. Yet, in spite of this, it’s very difficult to get good ones written and published. Part of this is… read more

best time of year to redesign your e-commerce store

When is the Best Time of Year to Redesign Your E-Commerce Store?

As you may know e-commerce is a major growth area, both for our economy as a whole, but are a spark for many retailers across the country. It’s expected that online sales will grow at 4x the rate of retail sales as a whole. But it’s tough to know when to redesign your e-commerce store,… read more

Step 3: EP19 – Your Environment Pt. II – Social Media

People love to hate on social media, but really we just need to be more mindful. It’s nigh impossible to go within 5 clicks of any online publication without hitting an article trying to capitalize on being either pro or anti social media.  Critics are eager to heap on the blame for just about everything… read more

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How to Target Personas in Your Website Copy

You need to speak to multiple personas on your website. How do you do it? Most businesses have multiple types of clientele. It can be as basic as a clothing outlet selling items for men and women, or a service business targeting both business and residential customers. Regardless of the situation, you’ll need to address… read more

too much content

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Content?

In content marketing there are two schools of thought. Many feel that longer, more robust content has more ranking capability, and serves the visitor better. There are others who feel that because our attention spans are shrinking, so too should our content. I think the answer is that it really doesn’t matter. The answer lies… read more

fingers on keyboard showing computer screen with shopping cart and the word "sale"

Why Your Website Is Your Best Sales Tool

Your website is one of your most valuable sales assets. Here’s why. As a business, you want to put the best foot forward at all times, right? You keep your shop clean for customers. You select your business cards with care. You’ve made a well-considered decision about whether a suit or stylish business casual best… read more

user experience

User Experience: Going Beyond the Website

Often times when web design agencies or marketing agencies discuss “user experience” they are discussing the experience of your visitors on your website. But this isn’t where user experience ends. To truly have your visitors getting the most out of their experience with you as a company, you need to start looking at how each… read more