Web Development

No page-builders, no hacky plugin work-arounds, no dodging technical questions; just deep, in-house expertise.

Your website is your hub, your nexus, your definitive source of information. It should be easy for your team to manage, and easy for your customers to find and use. Make it your own.


We have our roots in WordPress, the most widely-used Content Management System (CMS) in the world, including coding plugins, and speaking at their developer conferences.

This deep expertise is what makes what we do different— we’re not relying exclusively on off-the-shelf plugins for new features or page-builders for content management, and we’re not calling in contractors to solve tricky problems.

We build your website custom, with content management tools to match. Simply put, we do WordPress better.

Custom Development

Ever notice how “one size fits all” is rarely a satisfying fit for…anyone? Websites and services that talk about “one-size-fits all” or “fire your developer!” are a popular trap. Many of them can’t even get you to the starting line, much less take it all the way.

Our development team specializes in custom-built functionality so that your team can stop wrestling with makeshift workarounds, and instead revel in the productivity that results from using the right tool for the job.

Helping one of Detroit’s philanthropic institutions gain control of their digital space.

See how we worked with CFSEM.

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Have you reached a roadblock with your Ecommerce platform?  Do you invest in a custom build that will do everything you need?  Do you buy in to a hosted platform like Shopify’s enterprise tier?

We will talk through your requirements, limitations, and aspirations and identify what solutions will fit your needs best, (even if that means an off-the-shelf solution) so you can make informed decisions and move forward with confidence.

Managed Hosting

Let’s make this easy. We’ve partnered with companies we trust to provide hosting services on the same echelon as our other services, and we’re happy to walk your IT staff through all of the details so they’re on-board from day one.

Pantheon.io describes themselves as a “WebOps SaaS platform for high impact websites”.  We love them because their platform is built to be fast, optimized for WordPress, massively scalable, and supporting best practices in development.

Cloudflare is a global network, our preferred DNS provider, and a major force for good on the Internet. Their services act as an extra layer of protection and optimization between your site and the internet at large

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