Each of us is a problem solver at heart—and websites have plenty of problems to solve.

We founded build/create in 2010 to be a better agency than where we had worked before. A place that fosters values of autonomy and mastery in its employees, giving them the freedom and support they need to do their best work. An agency that looks out for the interests of their clients, operates with transparency, builds goals based on real business needs, and measures real ROI.

We call this philosophy Design with Purpose™. It means that, from design to execution, every decision we make is intentional. We know why we do things. From the first concept sketch to final proof, we will talk you through every step of our process. And with our focus on testing, tracking, and metrics, we can show you the data behind each of our decisions.

Because that’s how we think. We are methodical, intuitive, thoughtful, aspirational, driven. And when we bring that level of passion to your project, we want you to witness the results first-hand.

Work with us, and discover what purpose-driven design can accomplish for your business.

What's it like to work with us?

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has been a client for going on 6 years, learn about what they do and how we help them do it!


Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson

principal & creative Lead

I am a DIY, jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, always have been and probably always will be. I love learning too much to be anything else. I design, code, write, draw, analyze, game, make music, work on cars, study foreign languages…the list goes on.

The bottom line: I’m obsessed with solving problems, in whatever form they may take.

Eric Lynch

Eric Lynch

principal & director of business development

I like solving problems and building things. Creativity is more than pretty graphics – it’s about thinking outside the box to find practical solutions that actually make a difference to people.

Seeing goals accomplished, for ourselves or for our clients, is the best part of running a business.

Web Design & Dev

Cedd Poole

Cedd Poole


Designer, father, life learner and music junkie, that’s me in a nutshell. I love every facet of design and what it means to your brand.

No matter if it’s graphics, photography or video, I believe staying current with trends while staying true to core principles exemplifies great design.

Joe Ouillette

Joe Ouillette

development lead

If you’re ever standing still, you’ve lost. I believe in constant innovation and experimentation, it keeps me sharp and keeps us up to date in our practices.

My favorite part of my job is engineering tools that go above and beyond for our clients. If I can come in and build a tool that solves a problem they’ve been grappling with for years, that’s the best feeling in the world.

Alex Beaudin

Alex Beaudin

project manager & ux

My job is to make sure the right team member, is working on the right project, at the right time, to ensure a smooth delivery.

I like to work where people and data intersect. In addition to keeping projects moving forward, I also provide insight as to the how and why people find and interact with your website so we can make informed decisions based on real data.


Rita Shelley

Marketing Manager & SEO Specialist

If there’s anything I love more than watching businesses flourish, it’s knowing I was one of the team that got them there.

Whether the brand is a national corporation with multi-million dollar ad spends, or a startup just finding its feet, I develop breakthrough strategies that help companies achieve their goals.


Laura Lynch

Laura Lynch

Content Strategist

Communication is my craft and my passion. Interviewing our clients and their customers to learn their language and then working with them to create a more effective strategy is as challenging as it is rewarding. With the written word we can instruct, entertain, inform, and sometimes even change the world.

This is
we love
to do

And with over 10 years in business, we know who we are, and who we want to work with. We’re sure of ourselves, confident, and ready to explore new challenges.

That’s why you’ll see big space imagery peppered throughout our site and DLC: it’s about aspiration; it’s about a sense of purpose—a quest for knowledge that has no end.