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Each of us is a problem solver at heart, and websites have plenty of problems to solve.  We see something new and we want to understand it, disassemble it, and see how it ticks. This passion for creating solutions is part of what unites us, and makes us such a powerful team.

Being located in Ann Arbor is also part of what makes us who we are. In a town famous for innovation and problem solving thanks to the University of Michigan, we are working in the heart of a city full of tech entrepreneurs.

We love making websites that make your business better.

In order to understand where we’re coming from it’s important to understand one key thing: this is what we love to do. We love hearing your pain points and horror stories and making them go away.  Because your website should be a business tool.

 This is fun for us.  It’s not exactly rational.  And that’s why folks hire us, over and over again.

Ian Wilson

principal + creative lead

I am a DIY, jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, always have been and probably always will be. I love learning too much to be anything else. I design, code, write, draw, analyze, game, make music, work on cars, study foreign languages...the list goes on. The bottom line: I'm obsessed with solving problems, in whatever form they may take.

Eric Lynch

principal + sales lead

I like solving problems and building things. Creativity is more than pretty graphics - it’s about thinking outside the box to find practical solutions that actually make a difference to people. Seeing goals accomplished, for ourselves or for our clients, is the best part of running a business.

Joe Ouillette

lead developer

My favorite part of my job is engineering tools that go above and beyond for our clients. If I can come in and build a tool that solves a problem they've been grappling with for years, that's the best feeling in the world.

Alex Beaudin

account manager + UX

I like to work where people and data intersect. In addition to keeping projects moving forward, I also provide insight as to the how and why people find and interact with your website so we can make informed decisions based on real data.

Matthew Perkins

director of marketing

I love to solve customer problems. My goal with every organization is to get them what they need and help them reinvigorate their passion for their product or service. To me this isn’t a website design; it’s an opportunity to look at what you’ve been doing, what’s right, what’s wrong, and grow.

Laura Lynch

marketing strategist & copywriter

Communication is my craft and my passion. Interviewing our clients and their customers to learn their language and then working with them to create a more effective strategy is as challenging as it is rewarding. With the written word we can instruct, entertain, inform, and sometimes even change the world.

Doug Sumner


I built Google. Just kidding, but I do love building complex websites with complex functionality. I enjoy getting a project that I can obsess over until I’ve perfected it. The beauty of my job is the subtle transition back and forth between creativity and practicality, a perfect platform to thrive in my natural environment.

Leamon Wilson


I am a process driven person, and the creative process is at the heart of who I am. Every design is an opportunity to take a risk and see what works. The only thing better than putting together a great design that people resonate with is also doing it in a way that's unexpected.

Ashley Minaudo

inbound marketing specialist

I love creating content for a campaign with a purpose in order to meet a goal for a client. Whether that goal for the campaign is brand awareness or lead generation, hitting that goal is the best feeling. Knowing you succeeded in helping someone’s business grow. Their success is our success.

Mariam Kazanjian

content strategist

Good communication is good business. As a writer I help people express what makes their business stand out from the competition. I enjoy collaborating with clients and creating original content that gets you noticed online. You have the vision and I choose the right words to connect you with clients you want.

build/create has been a key part of our team since 2012. They continue to be dedicated and proactive by regularly advising us on how we can improve our site as new technologies emerge. Their collaboration and expertise has been very important in the success of our project.

Leslie Surel – chelseamich.com

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