We create processes that empower our clients to accomplish their purpose.

When we hear the words “I don’t know,” our response is “let’s find out.” That’s why our work begins with research—about our clients and their customers. From there, we not only provide strategic guidance, but the digital tools and marketing resources our clients need to take their business to the next level.

Our guiding principles.

We founded build/create to be a place where people—employees and clients—can thrive. That means protecting the sanctity of work/life balance, giving our team the space to do their best work, and thinking beyond our clients’ needs to the needs of their customers.

We’re here for the long term. Our values reflect that commitment.

Trust the process

Our confidence comes from repeatable and reliable processes. It’s not magic or mystery—it’s method.

Respect your relationships.

We communicate with honesty and transparency. Trust is built through mutual respect.

Focus on the end user.

We serve our clients by serving their clients through purpose-driven design and ethical marketing.

Protect your health.

Mental health and work/life balance are integral to sustainably delivering our best work.

Own your work.

Trusting our team means giving them the autonomy to develop and master their own career path.

Persevere through creativity.

We are tenacious problem solvers. We exhaust every option to see our way through.

Our People
Ian Wilson
Partner & Creative Director
Eric Lynch
Partner & Director of Business Development
Cedd Poole
Marketing Designer & Head Videographer
Alex Beaudin
Project Manager
Rita Shelly
Account Executive
Laura Lynch
Head Content Writer & Brand Strategist
Joe Ouilette
Development Lead
Raina Kuptz
Project Manager
Peter Roden
Nada Hassan
Content Manager
Megan Wells
Content Writer
Ann Arbor, MI

Local roots, global outlook.

We founded our business in a town known for innovation and leadership. That origin has shaped our culture into one in which individual talents are nurtured to achieve greatness. Our perspective is your advantage.

Let’s geek out together

Your marketing should be as enthusiastic as your company is innovative.

Select Clients

You know who else likes a time tested process with a proven team to back it up? These people: