August 9th, 2019

Site Launch Announcement: Caelynx Is Online!

Author: Laura Lynch
Laura Lynch
Head Content Writer & Brand Strategist

The Ann Arbor-based FEA and CAE specialists have a new website up.

We’re always happy to see a project come to a successful launch. The past few months of working on the new Caelynx site have been especially exciting as they’ve involved so many elements coming together in one project, from branding to website launch and automated marketing implementation.

Caelynx is a company specializing in FEA and CAE simulations. As top-tier analysts in their field, we wanted to deliver a design that would inspire the confidence in their customers that the quality of their work deserved. However, designing engaging websites in a technical field is no easy task, so our first mission was to take a look at the competition to see what we could see.

Bringing energy to a high tech industry.

During our CLA for Caelynx, we looked at over thirty websites and quickly realized that their competition was in much the same boat as they were. It was all too easy to find designs that blended together and lacked the vibrancy to stand apart and retain customer interest.

We knew we wanted Caelynx to look like it still belonged in the same industry as their competition, but that it was also a head and shoulders above the rest. For that, we created a clean, professional design, expanded their brand color palette to include a secondary green and red, and used simulation industry throughout to give it the high-tech edge we were looking for.

Keeping the focus on the customer.

Our work also involved a significant amount of customer research so that we could identify what visitors would most likely land on the site and what information they would be most interested in. We also gave the navigation and user flow a lot of careful consideration to make sure that the right resources would be available.

Finally, we sent our photographer to their offices so that we could include imagery of their entire team on the site. We know how important it is to have real employees visible to build trust and credibility, rather than relying on a series of stock images. We believe the human element helps set their site apart from others in their field.

Open and ready for business.

We built the new website for a purpose: to draw in more leads for the sales team, and to better represent the brand to high-level clients. Bringing the new website in line with modern standards was the first step, but our work will continue with marketing support. For us, the turnover from dev to marketing is an exciting moment. We were able to work with Caelynx to custom build a site designed for digital marketing, now we get to show them how to put it to use. With the new site finally live, we look forward to seeing their company grow.

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