April 20th, 2017

Step 3: EP12 – Permission to Land

What are we waiting for?

When we’re kids, we need our parents’ approval, we need their permission.  When we go to school, we need our teachers’ approval, and their permission.  When we go to work…and so on.  The thing is, outside of those controlled environments (and inside for that matter!) we should be able to give ourselves approval and permission, but we don’t, and it’s easy to see why!  We so rarely give ourselves permission to relax, to be happy, to say no (especially to say no), meanwhile our life ticks away while other people wind up making our decisions for us.  That’s not living is it?!

In this episode I talk (for far too long) about that daily struggle, as well as some of the super personal moments in which I needed someone else’s permission to grow as a person.

Listen to Episode 12 – Permission to Land


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