September 8th, 2017

Step 3: Stop Chasing the Exception

Can’t we all just get along?

Unfortunately not 🙁  But you have to keep trying right? Also no.

But it’s a good thing to try to get along with everyone right?  Yes, but sometimes getting along means not engaging with everyone who crosses your path.  Even if they want to!  You have to trust your gut about what’s a good fit or not, and stop trying to make EVERYTHING work, just for its own sake.

Trust me, I take every opportunity to blame myself for relationships that go south, but the truth is, the red flags were there all along, but I was hunting for the exception, trying to prove that I could make it work through sheer power of will.  Nope.

Listen now!



P.S. I was wrong, it’s Wanda who has one of my favorite quotes from Bojack Horseman:


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