July 15th, 2016

Will you help me migrate content?

migrate content

We won’t hand you an empty site

Our clients often want to know who will be responsible for populating their new site with content. Usually this isn’t about creating content so much as moving content they already have into their new space. In other words: are you guys just the contractors we hire to build a house, or will you help us move in as well?

To be brief: yes. We will help you move in.

Lowering the barrier to entry

We’d like to see you enjoying your new site as quickly as possible. Most of our clients aren’t familiar with creating and updating content. Also, many require a little training and orientation to get comfortable in their new space. Great! Not a problem!

But unfamiliarity with a task leads to procrastination. People put off things they’re not confident doing, and our clients tend to be busy people. We don’t want our clients to view the new website we’ve just built for them as a chore. So if we can migrate content for them as a way to help them feel more at home with their new website, we’re happy to oblige.

We can migrate content really fast

Also, we’re really efficient at this. Part of our 2-week promise for delivering your new website hinges on our ability to take the content you already have and move it to its new location super quickly. Again, our goal is to see you using your website, connecting with your members, and enjoying the many features our product offers.

Let us do a content audit while we’re at it

We also use this as an opportunity to do an audit of what you have available and make some recommendations as to what to move over and how to present it. Old sites come with a lot of old content, and not all of it needs to move with you. Our experience helps us make educated recommendations about how to organize content on your new site and what to leave behind.

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