Eagle Technologies has been a leader in automated manufacturing for nearly seven decades. Since the 1950s, they have specialized in building production lines that incorporate the latest in robotics, advanced testing, and other high tech manufacturing solutions. The equipment they deliver is efficient and technically precise. Unfortunately, their website was anything but. That’s why they turned to us.

When we began work with Eagle, we were excited for an opportunity to refresh a website that was clearly showing its age. As we began to handle more of their marketing requests and gained a closer look at their business, we grew in appreciation for the unique role they play in modern manufacturing. Our team is full of techno-futurists, and we enjoyed a chance to bring our own unbridled enthusiasm to a project.


Eagle already had a strong self-concept as a brand. They knew who they were and how they wanted to be perceived by their customers. This gave us a strong creative starting point for elevating their brand in its new incarnation on the updated site. We retained their brand colors of red and blue, but tweaked them slightly to be more of a brick red and teal. We also limited the grays of the old site in favor of an expanded palette that included dark green and cobalt blue.


Eagle had originally told us they would handle content writing themselves, but as the deadline for their project neared and they began to see their design come to life, they decided their content needed a full rewrite. With only a month to go till launch, they turned to us for support. We interviewed key members of their team to learn about their brand positioning and to gain technical insights into their work. Despite the short notice, we delivered over twenty pages of site content on time—and to rave reviews.

“build/create’s team has been a fantastic support as we’ve launched our new website. Our website is one of our best sales tools. We use it regularly in customer meetings to showcase our our automation solutions. They took us from a dated design that did not reflect the quality and cutting-edge capabilities of our company to a bold new design that powerfully communicates our brand.”

“When we asked build/create to make a brand video for us, we didn’t know what to expect. Their team took our concept and elevated it to the next level. They were truly collaborative partners on this project, never hesitating to hop on a call to discuss the script and storyboard, and took the time to listen carefully to our feedback so that our brand would be represented in just the right way. The drone footage they shot of our facilities was particularly impressive. Overall a stellar job!”

“Our industry expertise is something we are very proud of at Eagle. We wanted to use our website to publish articles that would allow us to share that expertise with our customers. Laura was an attentive listener to our content needs and went the extra mile to ensure she  represented our capabilities and our brand values accurately in the articles she  wrote for us. Highly recommend.”

Brandon M. Fuller, Partner, Chief Operating Officer Eagle Technologies
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With our website work complete, Eagle began transitioning to us for marketing work. One of their first requests was unlike any we had heard before: they wanted the website content translated into brochure PDFs for their sales team. Their vision was that each page of the PDF could be treated as a page in a slide presentation, or sent to clients as a downloadable piece. Our team executed this request as was so pleased with the result that we’re considering using it for ourselves.


Finally, Eagle has turned to our team for support on several internal communication pieces, including company-wide announcements, scripts for sales emails, and companywide initiatives. Our ability to turn around copy requests on short notice and for a range of projects has been of significant value to their team.

We are proud of the way our team has been able to provide ongoing marketing and development support to Eagle. We always say that websites are built to be used, and watching a client see the value of our work and immediately put it to use is always gratifying. We look forward to many years of continued partnership as Eagle takes their company to new heights—and beyond.


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