New Economy Initiative

Building an economy of ideas in Southeast Michigan.

We have worked with build/create on numerous projects over the years and have never been disappointed with their responsiveness and creative approach to solving any problem. In them we found more than a competent vendor, we found a true partner.

Jim Boyle – Senior Consultant

Empowering urban innovation.

The New Economy Initiative is a special project by the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan to empower small businesses, so naturally we’re on board!  Their focus is providing resources for small businesses, especially in the Detroit area, giving grants for capital, talent, tools, etc.

The task at hand was architecting a design that would handle a variety of types of content in a sophisticated manner, everything from stories about grantee’s to events and business affiliates.  Using a system of linear elements, grids, and color coding we developed a content structure that looks crisp, fresh, and above all is a pleasure to navigate.

Business resources just a touch away

NEI’s gorgeously responsive design means that all of those curated resources and network partners they showcase on the site are available to anyone, anywhere, on any device.  The highly linear design works especially well on mobile as the grids shift and morph to accommodate the space available- check it out, it’s awesome!


Apart from an amazing website, NEI also found in us a true partner.  We’ve developed several projects with them over the years, and continue to support their sites to ensure that as new stories, contests and external services change the site looks and functions as beautifully as the day it was launched.

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