RIM Custom Racks

The beauty of engineering is in the nitty gritty details.

build/create built a website, and an image, for our company almost completely from scratch. In addition to the design and build out of our site, they coordinated our photoshoot, updated our messaging, and wrote the site copy. The end result speaks for itself.

Anthony Schorer – CIO

Industry is the new sexy.

One of our favorite things to do in our work is take subject matter some might consider less than thrilling and turn that notion completely on its head.  When we see engineering, construction and implementation, we see craftsmen, artisans, and expert problem solvers.  Their passion and expertise is present in everything they build, and that’s what we wanted to showcase in our work for them.

Mobile friendly  = Mobile sales tool

Okay- most people probably aren’t vetting their container fabrication needs on their phone.  But you know who is?  Sales people!  This is a great example of a site that doubles as a presentation tool. With a phone or tablet on the road, sales people can easily show off RIM’s best work, and their commitment to excellence, all in the palm of their hand.


With their new website RIM’s brand is stronger than ever.  Potential customers can now easily see that they are professionals that take their job extremely seriously, and browse examples of their work.  That means more sales, and more prosperity for everyone.

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