September 10th, 2018

4 B2B Sales Techniques To Use on Your Website

Author: Eric Lynch
Eric Lynch
Partner & Director of Business Development

In the world of web design and marketing the needs of sales people can often get overlooked. For sales your traffic growth and time on page are not key factors for success. No for them leads are the key performance indicator (KPI) that they look for. So if you are a small business owner you need to know some sales techniques that you can use on your website to help your sales people reach their goals.

1. Differentiate Yourself

Your brand is more than a logo. It is everything people should see and recognize when they arrive on your website. The problem becomes when what you have to say is the same as everyone else. Creating a unique value proposition is important, so let people know what that is if you have one.

The key is to not be afraid to be different even if that means you might alienate a visitor. If they come and what you value is different from them, they would never have been a good client in the first place.

2. Find New Ways to Find Leads

Having a phone number and contact form on your website is great, but not enough to capture all the potential leads you might have. People want to interact with you differently based on who they are, not what you think they should do. So find things like newsletters, webinars, and other things to speak to your potential clients. Sales can take it from there to build them into sales ready people.

3. Gate Your Best Content

If you have ever read any of our inbound or marketing automation blogs, you know we preach the good word of gated content. This content is often high up in the sales and marketing funnel. But they are also ways to capture leads and let sales do some personal nurturing.

4. Keep Getting Better on Your Website

A website is NOT a brochure. You can constantly change and improve it to help your visitors get the best experience. Listen to the issues that your sales people face they will help you shape your content to what the next round of opportunities are looking to learn. This is why one of the most important elements about your website needs to be the content management system.

Without a powerful content management system, making constant improvements is much harder and more costly.


B2B sales is often a longer play than consumer purchases. That is why it is important to have these high funnel options for those sales opportunities to get in early and let sales and marketing begin to nurture them. The last thing you can do, and why your content management system needs to be strong, is to create targeted landing pages for your sales people to use to speak to their opportunity directly.

If you are able to be effective in saying who you are, creating gated content that speak to that specific audience, and then improve constantly based on what sales tells you clients find important. You can have a strong sales-driven B2B website.

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