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White Hat Link Building Strategies for B2B

6 White Hat Link Building Strategies for B2B

Looking for legitimate ways to build links for SEO? Here’s how to start. Links are an important part of any SEO strategy. From internal links that help guide users through your site to the external links that bring referral traffic, a healthy link network will improve your site performance and earn approval in the eyes… read more

How to Grow Local SEO for Multiple Locations

How to Grow Local SEO for Multiple Locations

You need to optimize your local SEO. How do you do that when your business has multiple locations? It’s 2018, and over 52% of all Internet traffic is served to mobile devices. What does that number have to do with local SEO? Everything, as it turns out. When you think about how many of us… read more

social media audit

What to Look for in a Social Media Audit

What Is a Social Platform Audit, and What Should My Business Look For? Now, I know what you are thinking. “An audit? It isn’t tax season!” Well this is a social media audit, and is way more fun than getting audited by the IRS, I can assure you. A social media audit is a review… read more

Visual Identity and Branding for Non-Profits

Visual Identity and Branding for Non-Profits

Branding for nonprofits is about much more than a logo. Here’s how to set yourself apart. Non-profits are filled with passionate people, dedicated to their organization’s cause. Because of this, they’re often tempted into believing they can grow their mission without many of the branding, marketing, and salesmanship they associate with corporate identities. To some… read more

Reasons Why You Need a WordPress CMS Website

7 Reasons Why You Need a WordPress CMS Website

If you need a website with robust content management capabilities, you won’t do better than WordPress CMS. When launching a new website (or considering a current website for a major overhaul), many of a business’s early decisions will be governed by their choice of Content Management System (CMS). If you aren’t familiar with the term,… read more

3 reasons we chose sharpspring

3 Reasons We Chose SharpSpring

Marketing automation softwares have grown in popularity over the last 5 years or more. They can vary from complex systems that can help you in every aspect of your digital marketing, to those that only manage a few things. This means that they can also vary widely in price as well. To find the right… read more

google analytics kpis

4 Google Analytics KPIs for Site Performance

Make Your Website Successful with Key Performance Indicators Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are web analytics that measure the web traffic and visitor behavior of your business in order to understand and improve your website’s practice and user flow. Google Analytics provides a free tool for businesses to utilize and track these key performance indicators. While there… read more

Does Your Ecommerce Store Need Custom WordPress Development

Does Your Ecommerce Store Need Custom WordPress Development?

Your business is like no other. Your ecommerce store needs functionality like no other. Every business is unique. They may have similar competitors, but none of them share the same mixture of product, brand, and personnel. Kroger appeals to one demographic, Meyer to another. And with so much variation, it’s no wonder many businesses quickly… read more

Features Every Mobile Ecommerce Store Needs

Features Every Mobile Ecommerce Store Needs

The needs of your mobile ecommerce store are not the same as those of your website. When you’re launching an ecommerce store, your job isn’t done once you have a functioning website. While many of us think about desktop users first, the reality is that mobile usage far outstrips desktop. And while customers often complete… read more

branded content vs equity content

Branded Content vs. Equity Content: Which Should You Use?

Understanding the difference between branded and equity content offers businesses an advantage. Content Marketing for businesses can be difficult, especially if they are just starting out and trying to write the content on their own without the help of any agency. The biggest hiccup we find with our clients is that they do not have… read more