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Visual Identity and Branding for Non-Profits

Visual Identity and Branding for Non-Profits

Branding for nonprofits is about much more than a logo. Here’s how to set yourself apart. Non-profits are filled with passionate people, dedicated to their organization’s cause. Because of this, they’re often tempted into believing they can grow their mission without many of the branding, marketing, and salesmanship they associate with corporate identities. To some… read more

8 Ways to Use Your Website to Build Brand Awareness

8 Ways to Use Your Website to Build Brand Awareness

Strong brand awareness keeps you top of mind when customers need your services. We all have hundreds—if not thousands—of interactions every day with one brand or another. As a result, if you were asked to name some prominent brands, you could probably do so quite easily. In fact, you probably know multiple brand names for… read more

How to Launch a New Brand Identity in 6 Steps

How to Launch a New Brand Identity in 6 Steps

You’re ready to unveil your new brand identity to the world. Where do you start? Launching a new brand, for many businesses, is both an exciting and an emotional process. It represents turning over a new leaf and committing to new goals and values. The new brand stands for an expansion, a change in direction,… read more

Are You Due for a Website Redesign

Are You Due for a Website Redesign?

B2C businesses need to put their best foot forward at all times—especially online. As a business owner, you know that the way you present your brand is crucial for its success. Yet many owners under-estimate the impact their websites have on their customer base. While they focus on their store location, attend industry conferences to… read more

You Need to Design More Than Just Your Homepage

You Need to Design More Than Just Your Homepage

Website first impressions matter. But not as much as you think. Most of us have heard so many clichés about the importance of first impressions that we’ve probably never questioned their worth. After all, we know from our own experience how quickly a bad impression can put us off—a person, a restaurant, a brand, you… read more

How to craft a meaningful brand identity for your business: Image of hand holding compass and pointing it toward a lake.

How to Craft a Meaningful Brand Identity for Your Business

Creating a brand identity is about more than good aesthetics. Do you know what your brand is? We’ve worked with businesses who fall on all ends of the spectrum when they try to answer this question. Some know exactly who they are, the just need help expressing it. Others find the question totally confusing. Brand… read more

Ways to retain brand consistency across content marketing

6 Ways to Retain Brand Consistency across Content Marketing

Create instant brand recognition for your customers, no matter where they find you. As you visitors scroll through their news feeds, be it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, they are likely to encounter a barrage of advertisements from hundreds of businesses. They will see many of those brands follow them across the Internet, as they… read more

design with purpose

Episode 05: Design with Purpose

In today’s episode we cover “Design with Purpose” – what it means to us, and what it should mean to anyone undertaking a website design project. The design isn’t for us, it’s not even for you; it’s for your audience. Know what that means.

Episode 06: Lead Generation vs. Brand Reinforcement

In this episode, we cover the primary purposes of informational marketing sites and talk about the difference between lead generation and brand reinforcement.

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Hold my beer: How brand tone can prevent a PR nightmare.

Do you know how to handle your brand tone in a PR crisis? The past few weeks have been bad news for some major corporate brands. Pepsi began with a now infamously tone-deaf ad campaign, which trivialized protest movements by implying Pepsi was the solution to even the most serious problems. Not to be outdone,… read more