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Episode 20 – What to Watch Out For in Your E-commerce Project

In today’s episode, we look at the edge cases, outliers, red flags, and pitfalls that can arise in an e-commerce project and discuss effective methodologies for identifying these traps ahead of time, and avoiding them.

e-commerce platform

Episode 19 – Preparing to Transition Your E-commerce Platform

In today’s episode we talk about the things you’ll want to think about as you prepare to change e-commerce platforms. We put our focus on the elements that are within the client’s understanding, so that they can better communicate with their developer and vendors about everything that needs to happen.

Epidode 18 – How to tell when you’ve outgrown your e commerce system.

In today’s episode, we take a look at how to tell when it’s time to consider a new e-commerce platform and some common pain points that many e-commerce businesses share as they grow.

website redesign

Episode 16: When to Launch Your Website Redesign

In this week’s episode we talk about when to launch your new website redesign. Website’s go through a long process of development and iteration, both of design and content. It can be tough to know when it’s time to pull the trigger. This week we answer that question.

core deliverables

Video Blog Episode 01: Core Deliverables of Website Projects!

Welcome to our first ever Video Web Log! With our first installment we thought we’d better stick to something we really know, so we’re leading off with an updated version of our most popular post ever: Core Deliverables for Simple Websites. We hope you enjoy!


E-commerce, part One: What is E-commerce?

The first part of a multi-part series about the state of E-commerce in 2017. We start by looking at what e-commerce is, in broad terms, so that we can set the stage to focus on each piece.

options and platforms

Episode 03: Intro to E-commerce Part Two: Options and Platforms

Today we continue our e-commerce series by tackling options and platforms for e-commerce sites, in particular the differences between hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) models and the self-hosted options that give you more ownership and control of your store – at a price of course.

Episode 04: E-commerce part Three: Payment Processing

In today’s episode we wrap up our intro to e-commerce with a look at the various methods of payment processing available to you. We look at the trade-offs between processing through third parties and the mechanics of what it takes to do it yourself.

design with purpose

Episode 05: Design with Purpose

In today’s episode we cover “Design with Purpose” – what it means to us, and what it should mean to anyone undertaking a website design project. The design isn’t for us, it’s not even for you; it’s for your audience. Know what that means.

Episode 06: Lead Generation vs. Brand Reinforcement

In this episode, we cover the primary purposes of informational marketing sites and talk about the difference between lead generation and brand reinforcement.