August 30th, 2019

Do You Need a Michigan Marketing Agency for Your Michigan Business?

Author: Laura Lynch
Laura Lynch
Director of Marketing

Even in a distributed work environment, local can still be your best ticket for success.

There’s a paradox in digital marketing these days, where even though companies can access talent from all around the country, many still prefer to work with local ones. For many, this decision comes down to a preference for in-person interactions. Even if most of the work you need done will happen remotely, during the initial contract phase of your business, you want to work with someone you can shake hands with.

We work with companies that have a national—and even international—footprint. Our team is distributed across the country, and we know how to stay coordinated and on-task, even if it means we’re rarely in the same building—or even in the same state.

And yet, there are still times when we recognize the importance of keeping it local. Moreover, from conversations we’ve had with many of our clients, we know that working with a local business was an important deciding factor in their choice of a marketing agency as well. So if you’re looking for a Michigan marketing agency near you, here’s a few reasons why we support that decision.

1. If you hang your hat on being a Michigan business, it looks good to work with Michigan businesses.

People trust local businesses. More than that, many customers want to feel a sense of pride and connection to their hometown identity. When they see a business proudly proclaiming its local bona fides, it makes them more willing to work with that company.

If you identify as a Michigan business, you probably already know this. After all, it’s part of your brand. Well, it stands to reason that people who like working with Michigan businesses are also going to like it when those businesses work with other Michigan businesses.

2. The more local your business is, the more you want your marketing agency to understand your locale.

As advertising has become more targeted, having a close personal knowledge of a region becomes increasingly valuable. It’s not just knowing that U of M and MSU are big sports rivals and that you can’t make a “Go Blue” reference up in Spartan territory—you can Google that.

It’s about knowing the local profiles, what might appeal to a demographic in Detroit as opposed to one in Grand Rapids. It’s about understanding why Michiganders delight in making jokes at Ohio’s expense, and why Yoopers bristle at being left off maps that only depict the Mitten. In other words, it’s about culture. The closer your marketers are to the culture you’re trying to target, the more effective they’ll be.

3. If you know your own communication style is best when you can talk face-to-face, then you should work with a company that can meet you face-to-face.

Sometimes your choice of agency comes down to practicalities. You work best when you can be in the same room with the other  person, and despite advances in technology that allow for more remote work, you want to be able to have that in-person meeting whenever you can.

There’s nothing surprising in that. While we are used to handling many of our own meetings over Skype, we also enjoy having sit-downs with the entire team. Sometimes there’s just no substituting the small communications we make through body language or tone of voice.

4. Your Michigan marketing agency is more likely to have networking connections with other Michigan businesses.

Finally, working with local businesses helps you build networking opportunities in your community. Your marketing agency may know of a non-profit you can work with as part of a charity outreach, or may have a PR contact that can help your press release go further. Or if you’re planning an event, they’re more likely to know about locations or have experience setting up a space.

There’s a lot your marketing agency can do for you if they’re well-established in their community. By choosing a Michigan company to work with, you’re strengthening your own local ties as well.

If you’re looking for a Michigan marketing agency, we know this state like the back of our hand. (Yeah, we went there.)

All this to say: if you want a digital marketing agency in Michigan, we’ve got you covered. We’ve worked with business across southeast Michigan—and many even further away. And while location isn’t a requirement for us, we always love having that connection when we can.

So drop us a line and set up a meeting. We’d love to learn more about your company and your business’s needs.

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