June 9th, 2016

How to attract volunteers to your nonprofit organization

What can you do to find the right people to help out?

You’re probably well aware of an ongoing need to attract volunteers to your nonprofit organization. For many non-profits, developing a core of committed volunteer recruits is a full-time job. But, when done successfully, your volunteers form the heart of your organizations culture and are a major factor in its success. So, how do you find the dedicated help you need to keep your mission moving forward? We have a few suggestions.

Speak up about your cause

This is something you should be doing for many of reasons, but volunteering is high on the list. Find events that allow you to show up and present your mission. These could be at a library, on a college campus, or through affiliated organizations.

Social media

Take the time to build up a network online. This will help build brand awareness generally, but it it will especially come in handy when you need to pull out a call for volunteers. Not only will you be able to reach a more sympathetic audience, but you’ll also be reaching a group of people who already well-acquainted with your organization and its mission.

Traditional media

Of course, there’s also some more tried-and-true methods, such as flyering, posting bulletins, and putting up notices on local message boards. Think about reaching out to schools, churches, clubs, and businesses to see if they have ways you could run a call for volunteers in any of their publication channels. Alternatively, consider putting out a press release.

Word of mouth

You should also reach out through your existing network of volunteers, employees, and donors. Ask if any of them are willing to lend their support, or if they know any others who would be interested. Because this is a more personal connection, you may have more success recruiting up front, but you could also risk over-tapping your network, so tread carefully.


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