Project/Team/Account Manager

This position will work alongside a team of designers, developers, and content creators and strategists to manage (primarily) web development projects (primarily) on WordPress in an agency environment for our clients. Most website builds are informational/marketing website builds, however these websites also host a healthy mix of other web tools and ecommerce functionality in particular. The project manager position will be expected to juggle a handful of projects at once balancing priority and timeline to deliver projects within scope, on time and on budget.

  • 3-5+ years of experience working with web development and/or marketing agencies and clients including teams of designers, developers, and content creators and strategists.
  • Capable of holding your own in a client meeting: Communication skills are a must, including the discipline to maintain professionalism while listening, responding, and remaining proactive with suggestions/solutions
  • Knowledge of web analytics, CMS architecture (specifically WordPress/WooCommerce), hosting environments (Pantheon, LiquidWeb, CloudFlare), basic web IT, 301 redirects, etc… a must.
  • Comfortable working remotely with limited supervision and able to respond to constructively-critical feedback in a collaborative manner.
  • CMS architecture
  • Hosting environments
  • Communication skills

We’re looking for someone who brings a collaborative mindset to project management, advocating for the client’s best interests in a project, while looking out for their team at the same time. You’ll be the liaison between the client and the development team, translating client’s requests into actionable deliverables for the team, including assisting in the process of scoping out projects and providing estimates for quotes.

We are a small but growing team and do not follow a prescribed project management methodology. Our approach is loosely inspired by “agile” methodologies, but with most projects being relatively small in scope (a few hundred hours), we keep things simple and practical. If you have a preferred methodology, we’d love to hear about how you can help us improve our processes.

The Right Person for This Job

  • Is a problem solver: Always thinking outside of the box to come up with solutions that address the core problem, while balancing considerations of timeline and cost.
  • Cares about quality: Our brand is reflected in our work, and making our work product live up to the hype should be a point of personal pride.
  • Focuses on User Experience: Is always thinking not just about the client’s goals, but the client’s end-user’s goals so that the solutions we deliver accomplish their objectives.
  • Understands that “the perfect is the enemy of the good”: Is able to make judgment calls about when the cost of a solution outweighs the benefits. Sometimes good enough is good enough.
  • Asks for Help: Everyone here supports each other in their roles, sharing our expertise so that each of us gets the benefit of our cross-disciplinary team.


  • Experience managing web development projects in an agency environment, preferably working with WordPress projects including e-commerce (read: WooCommerce) and custom theme development.
  • Capable translating customer requirements into technical specifications that a development team can execute on.
  • Ability to seamlessly transition from client work in one industry to another, or across entire verticals including B2B, B2C, and non-profit work.
  • Comfortable working on projects with defined scope, budget, and timeline, in a fast-paced team environment while managing client expectations.
  • Able to provide dev-team with UI/UX feedback and advocate for the client’s goals throughout the development process.
  • Comfortable performing basic quality-control review of work for cross-browser, cross-device compatibility as well as mobile and accessibility concerns.

Workflow Includes

  • Working with Account Managers on project specs before we quote, to ensure that the commitments we’re making to our clients are realistic for the team to deliver, both in terms of timeline and hours invested.
  • Coordinate project kickoff meetings to make sure that all team members get the assets required for their jobs and that roles, assignments, and deadlines are clearly communicated.
  • Create tasks in project management software and organize in terms of priority to manage each team member’s weekly schedule across the projects for which they are responsible.
  • Provide ongoing review and feedback of deliverables as they are completed, gathering requirements, giving UI/UX input as a user advocate, confirming completion of deliverables, and obtaining client approval of completed work, or additional feedback and revisions.
  • Provide consulting on sitemap and content needs to help organize the process of identifying needs and gathering assets for input on sites as they are built out.
  • Oversee site launches and provide post-launch site support and client training on CMS tools and other site functions.
  • Act as primary point of contact for clients, taking in support requests and nurturing the inception of new projects and work when opportunities arise, assisting in growing the accounts.

Remote Position – Part-Time Contract

We are looking for someone with experience contracting and comfortable with the pace of intermittent part-time work. As we have more hours there is the possibility of steady part-time or full-time employment, but this is not necessarily the desired end-goal. We want to make arrangements that are a good fit for our mutual needs and lifestyles.

Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in working with us! Please upload your resume and a cover letter that lets us know what attracted you to our team.
  • PDFs are our preferred file format.
  • Cover letters are not required, but we do like them.
  • We keep applications on file for one year.
We will review your application and contact you for an interview if we believe you may be a good fit for our position.

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