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October 2020

Ever wondered what we meant by a Competitive Landscape Analysis?

We sometimes have difficulty explaining what a CLA is to our clients. But there’s one thing we’ve noticed: every single time we’ve presented them in our discovery meetings, the response is electric. It’s one thing to say you’re going to compile a comparison of twenty competitor sites—seeing them all back to back, with defining traits broken down into quantifiable characteristics—that’s something else.

So, this past month, we sat down and created a sample CLA of the fine leather goods industry.

We looked at a dozen different websites, then analyzed them according to three characteristics: Their navigation use, their color schemes, and their social media use. We also included an explanation of our methodology to help you understand the process.

We encourage you to take a look. You may just realize you want one yourself!


What Is a Competitive Landscape Analysis?

Simply put, a CLA is competitor research—conducted methodically, and looking at specific traits based on your needs and interests. However, the benefit of doing research this way is that we can look for whatever you want to learn more about. We’re effectively building an analysis tool to your specifications.


5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Competitive Landscape Analysis

You may feel like you know what your competition is like, but are you sure? We believe it’s always a good idea to keep tabs on how other businesses in the industry are developing. Not only will you not be taken off guard, but it will help you stay responsive to market changes.


What Kind of Competitive Landscape Analysis Does Your Business Need?

Over the years of performing CLAs for our clients, we’ve learned that there are endless ways to collect and analyze information about their competitors. We’ve audited their social media platforms, compared website designs, and even compared different sub-sets against each other. What kind do you need?


3 Reasons You Should Conduct an Annual CLA

If you’re adjusting your marketing strategy, you can better believe your competition is as well. The question is: by how much? An annual CLA, conducted before your yearly marketing strategy session, is the perfect opportunity to see what others in your industry have done in the last year to move their businesses forward.


Can we help you with your competitor research?

We love a good investigation. And to us, that’s what competitor research is: learning more about the market and exploring opportunities for advancement.

We can look at your competition from any angle—want to know about their social media activity? Their web design? Their email newsletters? So long as we can assemble a sample set based on our online research, we can deliver the insights you need.

Want to dive deeper into competition research but not sure where to start?

Email us with your questions!
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