September 8th, 2017

ReMarketing for B2B Businesses: Brand Support

There’s a bunch of reasons why you should be using remarketing if you aren’t already. But if you are a b2b business it can be difficult to see how remarketing can help you. It’s easy if you’re an e-commerce store, or a retail shop to see how it can drive shoppers back to your store. But if you are a b2b service provider, what value does it give your business to remarket. The answer: brand support.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, or retargeting as it’s sometimes called, is marketing to people who’ve visited your website on other websites or social media platforms. It works by using cookies that a visitor’s browser picks up on your website, and then using Google’s display network, or Facebook, they display your ads on those sites.

Another form of remarketing is to a visitor’s inbox. We use gated content to collect email addresses of interested parties and then send email campaigns over time to continue to market to them. Such as you see below.

What are the Benefits?

You won’t have the reach of say display ads or straight up Facebook ads but you’ll be hitting targets that have already shown interest in your business. Nor will you have the reach of say buying a list and blasting emails to them, but the same holds true of remarketing to the inbox. These are people who are actually interested, not just those who you think are.

The benefit for b2b business, especially a service business is that you can keep reminding folks that they’ve visited without having to spend a lot of money.

As you can see from the above image, one of our search and remarketing campaigns for a period of time, the cost for relatively the same amount of clicks, and nearly the same click-through-rate is a stark contrast. We’ve nearly doubled our paid traffic on Google without spending much.

How is it Brand Support?

Whether you’re a lawyer, or in our case, a web design agency, keeping consistency of your brand throughout your marketing is important. The same holds true of your remarketing. Using it helps support the strength of your brand and identifies you with strong names in media as well.

Here you see that we’ve remarketed on the Detroit Free Press. We also are on hundreds of other websites, but we are rather choosy on which ones we wanted to be on. Associating your brand with advertising on large media outlets can give the impression that you’re everywhere important.

If you visit our site and then the next day are reading an article in the New York Times, you see a brand association with us and the New York Times. For our demographics it’s important, but for others it may not be. So think about your audience before choosing which media outlets to advertise on.

No Matter What, Be Consistent

If you see an ad on Facebook or The Detroit News, the ad should look like it’s coming from you. It doesn’t do your brand any good to have your AdWords remarketing look one way, your Facebook ads another, and your emails look completely different. The whole point of advertising is to create a connection. For us, it’s not just colors, although those are important, but it’s also the message we want to get across. Keeping your language, your imagery, and your color schemes identical begins to create an identity for your company. That is what brand support is all about.

For us, remarketing isn’t about clicks, or even conversions. It’s about supporting our brand across the internet to visitors. This will keep our costs low but also help remind folks whether they’ve just visited or have downloaded one of our content pieces, that we’re still here to help you grow your business through Detroit website design and marketing. And of course, help you set up your own remarketing campaigns to help in the meantime.

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