Brand Strategy


Strategy dictates action. When businesses act without a solid strategy in place, they either get nowhere fast, or head in the wrong direction at lighting speed.

Our research and discovery-based approach to brand strategy gives you the information you need to set out on the right path.

Laying the groundwork for your brand’s success.

Know thyself. It’s a maxim many brands could use to establish a stronger market position. That’s why our brand strategy encompasses a wide-ranging discovery project: from interviews with internal stakeholders, to client and customer research, to an external brand analysis.

Because from coworkers to customers to competitors, the more you know about your business environment the better equipped you will be to hit life’s curveballs out of the park.

How does brand strategy send a stronger message? Take a look.

Do you know what the competition is up to?

We never advise copying your competitors, but we do believe in keeping tabs on them. That’s why our brand strategy begins with a Competitive Landscape Analysis (CLA). We create a list of industry competitors, then methodically examine each website, compiling the results in a readable, orderly document.

Our competitor research highlights trends to follow, and stumbling blocks to avoid. You’ll walk away feeling more confident about your business decisions, and more capable of taking informed actions that will improve your standing in the marketplace.


Brightline IT’s brand strategy needed a unique and impactful website to make the most of their visual & marketing overhaul...

There is no one-size-fits-all brand strategy.

Some brands need to be on SnapChat, others need to focus on Linked in. Some brands need to blog multiple times a week, others need to focus on optimizing their product catalog. The key is knowing what your brand needs.

That’s why we do our best to avoid assumptions when we begin our discovery phase. Because when we deliver a strategy, it has to make sense for your business—not everyone else’s.

To get where you’re going, you need to know where you are.

Investing in your brand strategy is like buying a roadmap: it not only shows you where you should go, it shows you where you are.
That’s why our approach to brand strategy focuses so much on discovery. Discovery of your industry, your brand, but most of all, your business.
Because when your team understands the mission of your organization, then they can individually make decisions that move your business forward.

91% of our clients come back around for another project or new features.  That’s how we measure success.

Because what we do works, and that’s powerful.



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