Managed Hosting

Let us sweat the details

Hosting is one of the key infrastructure components that keeps a website running, yet few business owners want to spend their time researching the best options.

To make that decision simple, we recommend Pantheon for all our clients’ WordPress hosting needs. Here’s what that means for you.

All your bills in one place

No one likes dealing with bills. But between web hosting, nameserver hosting, SSL certificate renewal, and the quarterly maintenance conducted by our team to keep your themes and plugins up to date, there can be a lot of recurring payments to juggle.

That’s why we offer a managed hosting package that lets us become the single point of contact for all those needs. We can handle any technical configuration details that need attention at the same time as we’re conducting our other maintenance, and if there are any hitches, you don’t get the runaround trying to find someone to deal with it. Because with marketing automation, less is more.

Smooth scaling.

If you’ve ever had your site go down in the middle of a sale, you know how painful the wrong hosting decision can be for your business. Overpaying for hosting can be expensive. And if you underpay, you could shoot yourself in the foot.

Pantheon’s smooth scaling seamlessly adjusts to traffic flow, ensuring continuous service so that you never worry about traffic spikes crashing your site again.

Elastic hosting.

Not sure how much space you need? Moving from one hosting environment to another can be a sensitive, time-consuming task that often leads to temporary downtime as files are rearranged or transferred.

The elastic hosting from Pantheon means you will no longer have to worry about how much space you need or whether you need a shared or dedicated server. Instead, Pantheon hosting expands to match your requirements, no matter your circumstances.

Distributed Cloud Container Hosting

Pantheon is able to provide such flexible service to customers because they run their hosting on a new container-based infrastructure rather than virtual machines.

One major consequence for us is that we are able to run demo and test versions of our sites in a secure hosting environment without disrupting the resources available for the live site. This helps us handle do our job more effectively while maintaining an excellent experience for our customers—and our customers’ customers.

Managed hosting is a win for you. And us. And your clients.

You are most effective when you can put your time toward high-level decision-making.
We are most effective when we can batch routine tasks and manage technical details in one go.
Through our managed hosting service, your time goes where it’s needed—and so does ours.

91% of our clients come back for another project or new features.  Thats how we measure success.

Because what we do works, and that’s powerful.


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