May 26th, 2017

Step 3: EP17 – Familiar Strangers

You worked yourself to the bone to become a successful agency owner— but how do you stay true to yourself when that means leaving what you’ve built behind you?

This week I happened to catch Kyle Maurer, former owner of RealBigMarketing and brand new disciple of Pippin (, while he was in town and we were able to sit down and talk about how he got into running his own agency– and how he recently got out of it.

Kyle offers up a ton of wisdom in this episode, and every digital agency owner I know will relate on a deeply personal level to his struggles with the agency life and his ultimate departure.  He was able to stay true to his own desire for autonomy while also respecting his limitations, and focusing on doing what he is best at, and offers him the most satisfaction.  I’d call that a resounding success!

And as a special treat, ie on a whim, we laid down a folksy rendition of Strangers by The Kinks.  It’s a beautiful trainwreck, just like everything else about this podcast, so buckle up!

Listen to episode 17 now!


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