May 19th, 2017

Top 3 Easiest Ways to Get Better Backlinks

get better backlinks

Even in the year 2017 the best way to build domain authority and increase search engine rankings is through back-linking. The hard part is getting good backlinks. It used to be that getting backlinks was as easy as finding as many directories as possible and posting your website profile to it. While that’s still available, it doesn’t have the credibility it once did and will probably hurt you more than benefit.

Nope, nowadays you have to work for these links. To get better backlinks you need to be creative and have a bit of salesperson in you. You also have to be willing to give something for that link. Most of the time it’s content that you have to give up for the link, and therefore your time.

But what direction should you go? There’s a lot of ways you can gain high quality backlinks but we’ve narrowed it down to our Top 3 easiest ways to get ‘em.

Method 1: Get an Interview

This is actually easier than it sounds. If you think your company isn’t doing anything media worthy, think again. Are you hiring or moving? In most economies local papers will cover the growth of their local businesses. A simple interview about your company’s expansion will earn you a quick backlink with a publication that has a reputation.

Method 2: Contribute to a Blog

No matter what you do as a business someone’s writing about your industry. You have what they want, content and understanding. Offering to write a blog about the subject you know best for someone else is a simple way to get a link. Now I know there’s been statements that guest blogging is dead. Even Matt Cutts has said that you can do it, just have it be a natural fit. So don’t go to a cooking blog and write about being the law, unless it’s about food safety laws in restaurants. So if it makes sense to humans, it will make sense to search engines.

Method 3: Write a Review

If you have a company that’s a vendor of yours, review them. Tell them how well they’ve done for your business in public. There’s plenty of places to review other companies, and writing a testimonial on their website will help them with attracting new business. It’s a win-win for you and  your vendors.


There are other harder methods for getting back links. You can go after broken links and try selling bloggers on using your domain authority to help their blog be more successful. However, these take a tremendous amount of time for less return. Most bloggers don’t want to go back and edit their work for broken links, or even to add credibility to their own blogs.

By giving content over to people you make their work a bit easier. Whether it’s the business reporter looking for the next scoop on what’s going on in town, the blogger who needs a more in-depth content piece and doesn’t know where to find a source, or your vendors who are looking to grow their business – everyone has needs. You offer them what they need, and you’ll get what you need, to get better backlinks to help your website grow.

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