August 2nd, 2016

What is Holistic Digital Marketing?

holistic digital marketing

If you’ve ever looked into holistic medicine it focuses on the whole body, including the mind and spiritual aspects of the self. A holistic digital marketing strategy should be no different.


There are a lot of web design and digital marketing agencies in Michigan and around the country. Many of which follow a very tried formula or a methodology from a software company. This leaves your marketing strategy being very cookie cutter and not focused on your business.

Digital Marketing: The Mind

The first thing you look at in holistic digital marketing is who your customers are. If you’re a manufacturer do you think standard inbound marketing practices such as designing an infographic or creating a podcast will attract engineers or purchasing agents? Probably not. They’re generally interested in content such as technical drawings and white papers about your company. Marketing to who your audience is instead of what the digital text books tell you that you should be doing will be much more impactful.

Digital Marketing: The Body

Has your brand gone stale? Has it been a while since you refreshed your logo? The body aspect of your holistic approach is all about your image and what people see. Making your logo a little more contemporary without losing sight of your history and showing off your capabilities can have a dramatic impact on how your optimal client sees you. If you are updating your website and content take a look at everything that will be going on it to ensure that it will show the best version of you possible.

Digital Marketing: The Spirit

This is all about the “why choose you” question. What sets you apart from your competition. Knowing your customers and polishing your image is important, but knowing what makes you great at what you do, is even greater. When you’re marketing yourself answer the why question for your potential customers, don’t let them ask you first. When they’re doing their research they’ll want to know. This way you’re setting yourself apart from the onset.

AdWords and SEO can’t solve all of your problems when it comes to digital marketing and cookie cutter inbound methodologies can confuse your customers and waste valuable time and money. Producing content that will attract and nurture clients based on who they are has the potential to grow sales and affect your bottom line. Take a holistic approach to who you are as a business. Then look at who your customers are and market to that person through your advertising and content. Marketing has never been one-size-fits-all, but with the advent of digital we know now what size fits better.

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