Inbound & Marketing Automation

Preach to the Choir.

We’re all about giving users what they want. Bombarding people with messages that don’t match their needs or interests is a waste of everyone’s time.

That’s why we base our marketing on user behavior. So the people who receive our message are the ones who want to listen.

Automation means smart, not more.

In most industries, automation serves one of two purposes: to save time, and to increase output. Sometimes, these are the same thing. But in marketing, a sudden barrage of automated messages is the fastest way to lose subscribers and alienate users. Instead, we carefully design the timing, tone, and content of our email workflows for optimum efficiency.

Because with marketing automation, less is more.

How can inbound & marketing automation close more sales? Take a look.

Marketing automation is a numbers game. And that’s something we’re really good at.

We’re all about the numbers. And when we can find ways to tweak those numbers to yield better result, we’re always ready to experiment. Whether that means trying a new strategy to raise the visitor rate, or adjust a CTA for a better conversion rate, we’ll find the targets we need to hit. And we’ll use every tool in the box to reach them.


Brightline IT’s brand strategy needed a unique and impactful website to make the most of their visual & marketing overhaul...

Earn an affirmative opt-in.

We don’t believe in purchased lists. The only email addresses we’re after are the ones we earn freely. That’s why we use white papers, gated content, and contact forms to generate leads. By building our lists from scratch, we know exactly who came for want information. Our contacts only receive the most relevant information, and we receive fewer spam reports and unsubscribes.

Working together, inbound + Marketing Automation deliver better results.

Design answers the question of “Why should I care?” that the customer may not even be aware that they’re asking themselves.
Design is the sherpa that guides your visitors from the first step of your conversion funnel to that sweet sweet conversion at the summit.
Design is science, design is psychology, design is math, design is a master orator, it sways opinions, it informs, and invokes desire.

91% of our clients come back around for another project or new features.  That’s how we measure success.

Because what we do works, and that’s powerful.


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