A leading Michigan entrepreneurial association upgrades their website.

Michigan has a long history of entrepreneurship and invention that has persisted despite the economic struggles of the past few decades. Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA) has played a key role in moving that history forward.

When they came to us for a website redesign, we were more than happy to take part in their mission.

CRM integration.

Businesses often come to us with different software programs that are essential to the running of their business. In the case of MVCA, they wanted to be able to integrate their CRM with the website to better manage leads. We were able to create a solution for them that helped them run their business better than ever before.

After hearing about a great experience one of our venture capital members had working with build/create, they were a natural choice for our new website. They took our website to a whole new level; it looks great, and is very easy to manage. Best of all, it integrates with our CRM!

Emily Heintz, Associate Director Michigan Ventura Capital Association



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