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what does hosting cost and how to calculate your needs

What Does Hosting Cost? (And how to calculate your needs)

How small to mid-sized businesses can understand their hosting needs. Web hosting costs are one of the basic maintenance fees most business must account for when they launch their website. However, many businesses find the subject confusing, and aren’t sure what they should be paying for web hosting, or what services their web hosting should… read more

web space vs bandwidth which is more important

Web Space and Bandwidth: What Do You Need for Your Business?

What are you paying for when you pay for hosting? If you own a website, then you pay for hosting. However, businesses, in spite of paying this bill when it comes around, have only a sketchy idea of what they’re paying for. First, there is the server space these files take up on your web… read more

how to choose a web host cloud servers customer service

How to choose a web host

Things you should look for when you choose a web host Your web host is what keeps your website live and accessible on the Internet. And if you want consistent, reliable access, you need to make an educated decision when choosing your host. So, as you’re trying to choose a web host, here are some… read more

should you host your own website IT professional sitting at desk with servers

Should you host your own website?

Is it worth it to host your own website? Hosting comprises one of the chief costs of running and maintaining a website, once it’s been built. Because of this, many clients wonder if they could save money by hosting their website themselves. Surely taking it in-house is the more affordable option, right? Sadly, no. Hosting… read more